Friday, February 27, 2015

Spring Picnic Basket Wreath

This week we have a lot going on in the Hank House- I have midterms this week which are just awful.  Every minute of free time I have is spent looking at flash cards and studying.  It will be nice when these are over.  Secondly I have officially been accepted to ASU to start this Fall.  I went to see my advisor this week...oh what a feeling. I am so excited to be on my way!!!
So I stole about an hour this week to do some crafty stuff- my brain really needs it!

For those of you in the cold weather states I am sure you are dying for Spring to hit.  We have been in Spring weather since the middle of Jan.  It's about 80 right now, beautiful.  So I thought it would be just a perfect time for new Spring Wreath.  Actually it's not much of a wreath but it's close enough.  I found these adorable lady bugs the other day and wanted to figure out a way to use them.  The black basket is actually a picnic silverware holder. It worked perfectly.  

Take a look at these sweet details.

Our Get Your DIY On Party is this Sunday and this month's theme is Spring Wreaths.  I know some of you might be covered in snow right now so if you don't have something new to share, link up an old one.

My adorable co-hosts made some lovely wreaths... take a look!!

Spring Tulip Basket from Christy at Confessions of a Serial Do It Yourselfer
Sweet and Simple Spring Wreath from Abby at Just a Girl and Her Blog.
 The 20 Minute Spring Wreath from April at House by Hoff
 Five Minute Dollar Store DIY Spring Wreath from Krista at The Happy Housie

Come and join us on Sunday- party starts here at 4:00pm!!!  Who hoo!!

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Blogger Tricks

Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 8- The Bathroom

So I think I am getting back to my normal OCD organizational self. It's a good feeling to get things back in order.  Not to mention I am throwing out a ton of stuff in our home that is just crap.  This week I was really excited for this challenge!  I couldn't wait to tackle this bathroom closet.  It's been bugging me forever and I knew I was going to splurge a bit and buy myself a few new pretty towels.  Towels are kind of those things that can last years and you never replace them but I was so sick of having crappy ones, or a bunch of mismatched ones and new it was time for a new investment.  In addition to the pretty white spa towels, I purchased these adorable bins from Wal-Mart.

Aren't they adorable?  And really cheap as well!  They are great sizes plus they will go with any decor.  Classic for sure!

Let's take a look at this sad little space before.... oh goodness..  You can see my attempt at organization but it just wasn't working anymore.

After the bins were placed in there and some things were tossed to the trash, the closet looked like this!!!

Loving the new baskets and the new organization for this little closet- it frees up some additional space as well which can be great for me to add new things!  Plus the bins at Wal-Mart offer a little bigger size bin, might have to order those as well :)

While I ponder that thought.... I will start tackling my junk drawer for next week's challenge.  How are you all doing on your challenge?  Still following along?  Keep me posted!!!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 7- The Laundry Room

The longer these weeks go by the more I am totally embarrassed to show you these areas of mine.  Normally I am an extremely organized person but my year has just gotten away from me so it leaves us with throwing things everywhere.  You all must think my house is dirty, I promise it's not... well sometimes we loose control but that is still taken care of most of the time.  It's just the organization issues I am falling behind on.  It's quicker and easier to throw things in an area than put it back in its spot.  Life happens and this is what happens to your laundry room.... ahhhhhhh

 Terrible isn't it?  I found some great looking canvas bags at Wal-mart over the weekend and they did the trick.  I just needed somethings to look corralled in the cabinets.  For one we have a few extra sheets in here, we never use them but I'd hate to throw them out.  The other things in here are the table settings for our dinning room.  We have no room in the kitchen so here they go.  Plus the clothes on top... what a mess.  Now everything has a spot.  I even made one for our extra socks that can't find its partner.

 I found this cutest candy jar as well to put our Borax in.  I have been tossing that in along with our detergent to add a booster.

 Added some cute little laundry room signs to jazz up the place-

 I wish this house wasn't a rental, I would have painted the cabinets years ago, but we have to stick with them  :(

Week 7- accomplished!!  Whoopie.  I am almost done and proud to say that all these areas have continued to stay organized.  Looking forward to finishing up.  Join me next week when I tackle my bathroom.  Not gonna be fun :(

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Get Your DIY On-Neutral Projects We Love Features

A collection of 15 Fantastic Neutral Decor Projects from our Get Your DIY On Party.
Happy Sunday friends!!
Today we are sharing 15 of our favorite neutral décor projects from this month's Get Your DIY On party!
Thanks to everyone who brought their goodies to the party!
Before we get to this month's fantastic features, how about a reminder of next month's theme?
This one is super easy:
Okay who doesn't have a Spring wreath to link up? If you don't, you have plenty of time to make one! Next month's party isn't until March 1st!
You'll be ahead of all your neighbors. :)
Now for those amazing neutral décor ideas we promised... Enjoy!
Big Box Store Furniture Goes Shabby-Chic with Chalk Paint®
Big Box Store Furniture Goes Shabby-Chic from Personally Andrea {Abby's pick}
DIY Plank Wall for Under $30
DIY Plank Wall from Restless Arrow {April's Pick}

Updated Old Fan, Delineate Your Dwelling #gold #fan #update
How to Update an old Fan from Delineate Your Dwelling {Christy's Pick}

Family Wall Art: Scrabble Edition {}
Family Wall Art: Scrabble Edition from Home. Made. Interest. {Mandy's Pick}

Pallet and Pipe Table From My Own Home Blog
Pallet and Pipe Table from My Own Home {Krista's pick}

Leather Belt Drawer Pulls from blue i style {Abby's Pick}

winter mantle9
Winter Mantel from Sweet Parrish Place {April's pick}

Looking back to 2014 DIY Canvas Craft & Tutorial from Kraft & Mint {Christy's pick}

Ikea Hack via
Ikea Hack from Mommyzoid {Mandy's pick}

Vinyl names on handpring plank.
Personalized Family Handprint Plank from Home. Made. Interest. {Krista's pick}

Gray and White Painted Dresser
The one where I Profess my Love for Painted Furniture from Making Home Base {Abby's pick}

Colorful Clay Animal Heads, Delineate Your Dwelling
Colorful Clay Animal Heads from Delineate Your Dwelling {April's pick}

Photo Dec 30, 1 39 56 PM
Birch Log Fireplace Screen from Refresh Living {Christy's pick}

Kate Spade-Inspired Valentine's Décor from Blue i Style {Mandy's pick}

Corner Gallery Wall from Dwelling in Happiness {Krista's pick}

See? Neutral is far from boring! Thanks again for sharing with us, ladies!
See you back here with your Spring wreaths in two weeks. :)