Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Branch Basket Centerpiece- Guest Post from 3 Little Greenwoods

Hey, everyone! I'm Ashley from 3 Little Greenwoods and am so excited to be guest posting on The Hankful House. Mandy's blog is one of my favorites! Just in case you didn't know, there's less than a week until Thanksgiving! Oh my goodness! Chances are you are already making lists for a big Thanksgiving feast. There's the turkey, casseroles, pumpkin pies but what about a centerpiece for the table? Today I am sharing a simple tutorial to create your own DIY Branch Basket Centerpiece. DIY Branch Basket by 3 Little Greenwoods 

 A rustic branch basket is simple to built and fun to fill with your favorite touches of the season.
  DIY Branch Basket by 3 Little Greenwoods

Branch Basket Supplies
  • 20" x 30" black foam board
  • Measuring tape
  • Exacto knife
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Twigs, small branches, and bark
  • Moss
This really is such a simple project that really anyone can do that you can whip up in plenty of time before Thanksgiving. Start the basket by cutting the pieces to create a 20" x 4" x 5" box from black foam board. You will need (2) 20" x 4" and (2) 5" x 4" for the sides of the box. The bottom measures 20" x 5". DIY Branch Basket by 3 Little Greenwoods

My husband, Honey, has an ancient steel square that was the perfect tool for lining up the sides and bottom of the box. Each inside seam was reinforced with plenty of hot glue. If the pieces don't line up exactly right it's easy to use an exacto knife or a serrated knife to trim off the excess.
  DIY Branch Basket by 3 Little GreenwoodsAfter all the pieces are glued together you will have a blank box just waiting to be prettied up with some rustic charm.
  DIY Branch Basket by 3 Little Greenwoods

Next I headed to the backyard with the children. They love to help with any projects and were happy to walk around the backyard with me searching for small branches and bark to use.
  DIY Branch Basket by 3 Little Greenwoods

Once the branches were gathered we spent a few minutes snapping them into 4" to 4 /2" pieces. These will be used to cover the outside of the Branch Basket.
  DIY Branch Basket by 3 Little Greenwoods
Then the fun part begins! Using hot glue each side was covered with small twigs. DIY Branch Basket by 3 Little Greenwoods Large, flat chunks of bark were added to the sides to ramp up the rustic appeal. Little Boy, our seven year old, picked up bark from around our wood pile. DIY Branch Basket by 3 Little Greenwoods Bits of green moss and smaller piece of twigs were added to complete the branch basket. All the little touches of green moss really finish off the centerpiece. DIY Branch Basket by 3 Little Greenwoods Now it's ready to be filled with your favorite fall accent pieces.   Three pillar candles (battery operated) were nestled in the branch basket along with pinecones, vibrant burnt orange hydrangeas, and spanish moss. DIY Branch Basket by 3 Little Greenwoods A few pinecones got extra fancy with a coat of green spray paint. Add a few cute little acorns and you have a lovely centerpiece for the middle of your Thanksgiving Table. DIY Branch Basket by 3 Little Greenwoods The best part is the branch basket centerpiece is low and doesn't take up much space on your Thanksgiving table. It leaves plenty of room for the green bean casserole and cornbread dressing!

  DIY Branch Basket by 3 Little Greenwoods 

 I would love for you to visit me at 3 Little Greenwoods for more DIY Home Decor! {Click here} to see all the projects from this Fall. DIY Home Decor

Wishing you a Thanksgiving full of love!  
Your comments totally make my day!
They give me huge motivation to keep creating and having fun with my 3 Little Greenwoods!
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Blog Love- Place of My Taste

Please welcome Aniko with Place of My Taste for this month's Blog Love.

I started blogging at the end of 2012 (but really in mid 2013)as I wanted to have a creative outlet for all my projects, crafts and decorating craziness. I have always been a very DIY and crafty person and when I started pinning on Pinterest, I found myself landing on different creative blogs. That's when I knew that I am one of those people and created my tiny little blog where I share all things beautiful.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Get Your DIY On- Furniture Revivals Features

20 Stunning Furniture Revivals features from the DIY Challenge

This month's Get Your DIY On Challenge was Furniture Revivals, and I know this is one of our very favourite themes. Ever.
Who doesn't love an amazing furniture transformation?!?
Thrifty. Fresh. Making something old and worn into something new and beautiful.
And some amazing ones were shared this month... it makes me long for garage sale season again so I can find some more pieces to tackle. How about you??
So, without further ado, here are our features for this month!

(Christy's Pick)
Persimmon mcm dresser WD-b-3
(Krista's Pick)

Work space - three drawer table makeover2
(April's Pick)

(Mandy's Pick)

Dark Driftwood Dresser Bone Knobs WD-2
(Abby's Pick)

Painted dresser Annie Sloan Chalk Paint1803
(Christy's Pick)

(Krista's Pick)

(April's Pick)

Magenta Table with Silver dipped legs WD-b-6
(Abby's Pick)

(Mandy's Pick)

Faux Painted Cargo Furniture at H2O Bungalow
(Christy's Pick)

(Krista's Pick)

(Mandy's Pick)

Chalky Paint Dresser Makeover at Bre Purposed
(Abby's Pick)

(Christy's Pick)

(Krista's Pick)

MC danish modern credenza WD -7
(April's Pick)

(Mandy's Pick)

(Abby's Pick)

west elm table updated
(April's Pick)

And can you believe it? The holiday's are upon us!
We can't wait to see what you have to share for the next challenge:
Hand-made Holly-days!
Come back on Sunday, December 7th to share your favourite Holiday projects and crafts!
Hope to see you then...
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