Friday, January 23, 2015

Pogo Pass Promo- Local to Arizona

Christmas Break is over but Spring Break is right around the corner.  How awesome would it be for your kiddos and your sanity if you picked up a few of these lovely passes?  Check out all these awesome places you can take the kiddos- keep in mind these passes are good for a whole year.  Anytime you need to get out of the house because they are driving you crazy- grab the passes and go!!

If you are local in the Phoenix area you have to check this out:  Don't forget to add in that Promo Code HANKFUL2014 so you get a the discounted price of $39.00!!

1 visit to Castle N Coasters
2 general admissions to the Phoenix Zoo,
2 general admissions to the AZ Sea Life Aquarium
Admissions to 2 Diamondbacks home games,
General admission to Skateland 2 times per month,
2 games per week at Brunswick Zone Bowling,
3 regular shows at The Phoenix National Comedy Theatre,
4 all day passes to Enchanted Island amusement park,
admission to 3 home games to the AZ Rattlers,
2 general admissions to the Idea Museum,
2 one hour jump sessions to Jump Street indoor trampoline park,
1 general admission to Golfland Sunsplash,
2 general admissions to the Phoenix Rock Gym,
2 games of laser tag at Stratum Laser Tag,
12 visits (1 per month) to Tempe Paintball,
 and tickets to various ASU athletic events.

Check out the venues page for specific details. Each Pogo Pass is valued at $1500, and retails for $99. Go to and use promo code “HANKFUL2014" to get 60% off each pogo pass and enjoy a years worth of fun for only $39!

Seriously $39.00 for all this... you can't beat that anywhere else.  Make sure you use the promo code listed above to get this great deal.

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Blogger Tricks
Blogger Tricks

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Color Inspired- Gold Details

After doing my top 10 posts of 2014, I remembered these amazing mason jars I did last Spring.  They sit in my office and make the perfect compliment to my black and white.  I wanted to check out some other gold details for rooms to get me inspired.  I actually have a printer stand next to my desk that I am either thinking about painting it or replacing it.  So while I was looking for some gold details, I found some amazing rooms and decor I thought I'd pass along to you.

Sometimes it's all about the gold details that get you a little creative and motivated to do big things!!


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Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 3- Bills and Paper

One of my biggest "ugh" and "ekk's"  in life is the paper that forms in our house.  I swear I feel like it reproduces and it shows up everywhere.  The piles keep getting larger and larger.  I get overwhelmed and to the point where I have so much I can't stand to look at it.  So when this happens and you have OCD like me you stuff the papers in bags, and then stuff it under the bed or in your closet so you can pretend it's not there.

Unfortunately it starts to pick at me each and every night, I know I need to tackle it.  This year I want to try something different and I am hoping it helps.  Because I have a little thing called organization OCD ( I should be taking medicine for this) and I am a Type A personality, it makes this process a little difficult.  In an ideal world I would set up all my bills on auto pay and have my bill statements sent electronically.  The problem with this is I don't feel that I have control over the bills.  Believe me I tried it and I know it's a stupid way to look at it but I can't help it.  So I thought I'd try this Type A, OCD version and see if it helps me and you if you have the same issues.

After my busy photography season last fall I felt like I was drowning.  I paid bills and tossed the statements anywhere I could find.   I had old receipts everywhere I didn't need, kids school papers that as well were no longer needed.  It was a mess.  Over the weekend I felt like it was finally time to tackle the job.  Not too mention there was so much paper on my desk, it wasn't a good environment for me to study or to edit.  It needed to be cleared off.  Some of the paper were in piles like this.... all the time.

And all the other papers were in large reusable shopping bags back in my closet.  I went through every last bit and filed away things that needed a home, and even found some refund checks I didn't know we had... like $400 in checks- oops.  I made a "To File" box, "Now" box and a "shred" box just to tackle it all.

One of my biggest things with being an organization freak is that I have to love the containers or whatever I am using.  They make everything more pretty and then that makes me happy to organize.  Luckily I found some adorable folders and knew they had to be mine.

Aren't they amazing?  Then I used my handy- dandy label maker to create tags.  These have to be specific to me so that I don't feel the need to pile them up on my desk.
Some of my tags were
To Do
Bills to Pay
Kids School
My School
File Away
The more specific I am the more it becomes helpful for me.  If I only had 4 generic envelopes things would just get piled in together and then my horrible habit would start all over.

I propped the pretty folders in a sweet little caddy.  Each one is clearly labeled and nice and neat.
It's on my desk which I am at every day so if I need to take the To-Do folder with me on the run that day, I just grab it.  

Here is the deal with this system- I have to make it my new habit or it will never stick.  So here are a few rules I have come up with to help me on my way...

1. Getting the Mail:  I now only get the mail twice a week.  I know that when I do get the mail, I am ready to organize.  Before we would pick it up every day and I didn't have time to sort through it every day.  So it would sit in a pile, and the next day I would add more, and more.  Now I know when I get it I am prepared to put the pieces in their homes, whether it's to pay a bill, recycle and shred or even fill out later.

2. Only touch it once:  This is hard for me but it kind of goes back to only grabbing the mail twice a week.  Once I touch a paper, it needs to find it's home.  Again I need to pop it in it's folder or fill it out to send with the kiddos.  Just do it Mandy!

3. Have a shred bin.  I gave up on the shredding machine years ago- I was so sick of paper getting stuck every time I used it.  Luckily I found a local shredding company that I can drop off my big box of paper to be shredded and they recycle it as well.  Each large box is $6.00.  I probably go every 2 months and it's well worth it.  I have a box hidden underneath my desk that I can throw the papers in there and then shred them when it's full.  If you have a machine, and still want to do it by hand, go ahead but it's well worth it to me to have someone else do it for $6.00.

4. Let go of the paper.  There is a lot of things I don't really need that I keep.  I feel like it's always information I might need some day but in reality I won't.  Important things like tax returns, pay stubs and way fun stuff like that you need to keep. The other stuff- done and done.   Like Elsa states.... Let it Go!  Keep what is meaningful or super important and toss the rest.

If I do these little things I have a lot of faith I can keep my desk clean and keeping it looking like this.

A lot less distraction for me as I study!.

Hope this helps- next week I am attacking our schedule in the house- yikes!!

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Get Your DIY On Features- Organizing Our Lives

Hello there!! Welcome to this wonderful Sunday!!  My beautiful co-hosts and I are so excited to bring you 15 amazing organization projects and ideas today from our linky party just a few weeks ago.  Thank you so much to everyone who linked up.  You made us all extremely motivated to get organizing.   Not to mention you have such creative ideas.  You really took organization to a whole other level!

 Take a look at these amazing features this month!!

Craft Rooms

Make a Craft Organizer from Radiant Home Studio {Christy's Pick}

Crap Room to Craft Room from Bohemian Junktion {April's Pick}

Craft Closet Organization from Little House of Four {Mandy's Pick}

Paint Holder from Home Made Interest {Krista's Pick}


18 Tips On Becoming More Productive at Home from Snazzy Little Things {Mandy's Pick}

15 Ways We Decluttered Our Life from Dwelling in Happiness {Christy's Pick}

Budget Organization for the Busy Mom from Millennial Meredith {Mandy's Pick}

DIY Aqua & Gold Chalkboard Calendar from Making It In the Mountains {Krista's Pick}

Weekly Calendar Board from Making It In the Mountains {April's Pick}

Glamorously Girly Command Center from Dwelling in Happiness {April's Pick}

Your Home
 DIY Antler Jewelry Holder from My Creative Days {Abby's Pick}

Organize Me Pretty from Life On Virginia Street {Abby's Pick} 

Anthropologie Wall Hook Knock off from Little House of Four {Krista's Pick}


 Organized Baking Station from Sparkles in the Everyday {Abby's Pick}

 Measuring Cups Organization from Coconut Head Survival Guide {Christy's Pick}

Amazing projects right?  We sure hope you'll join us in February.
Don't forget next month's theme is....

We would love to see you there showing off your neutrals!!  We will see you on the 1st!!