Mom of the Month for January!!!- My mom :)

Each month I am going to award a mom and tell you  little bit about her.  Her journey, her tips, her funny stories.  I am really excited to showcase these mothers because I believe we all have a lot to offer each other.  I can’t wait to share with you these wonderful women!

The first Mom of the Month is of course, my mom!!  My favorite mom.  Right around the ripe age of 23 I think I started to see my parents as actual people not just “my parents”.  And although I have always had a pretty good relationship with my parents growing up, it wasn’t until I became a mother that I truly appreciated my own mother and our relationship really started to develop. 
I honestly consider my mom to be one of my best friends.  She is usually one of the first people if not the first one I call to give news to, ask advice, invite somewhere or just want to hang out with.
She has ALWAYS brought me back down when I wasn’t thinking clearly or given me another way to look at things.  She helps me when a “mothering” issue comes up or a “wifey” issue comes up.  And believe me, I know now that when you are 12 and want to chop your hair off and your mom says, ” “uh it’s probably not the best hair cut for you Mandy”, you need to listen to her.  Your mother is always right!! There I said it….. take it from me and my horrible hair cut.

So without further ado….my mom!

Mom –
                    Linda: Age 29

                     Tisha Age 29
                     Kristy Age 29
                     Mandy Age 29

(No I am not a triplet :) )  It’s just that we are all 29.  It can happen!

Nothing prepares you for motherhood.  Not the books, experts,  your friends or your own mother’s or  mother-in-law’s suggestions.   I’m not a perfect mom, and have made my share of mistakes along the way, but there is nothing more important to me than my daughter’s and their well-being.    You never relinquish the role of mom.   I’ve laughed with them; played with them; prayed with them;  dried their tears;  bandaged their cuts;  sat in a steamy bathroom when one had the croup at 3am;  been their staunchest supporter against mean girls, bullies, bad boyfriends and teachers that didn’t appreciate their individuality;  pushed them to be better at school, dance and sports;  broke up fights by putting them on either side of the siding glass door each with a rag and a Windex bottle;  and  embarrassed them more times than I can count.  I’ve looked the other way when the white shoes did not go with the black hose with  the pink prom dress;  I’ve softly sung the “Good Morning to You” song many times to the one that hates mornings and I came to grips with the belly button piercing.  Being a mom is being able to make changes and not be so rigid. It’s being able to say “no” when it protects them, and to let them safely find their own way in life.   I’ve changed my rules I had made on  “potty trained by  15 months”,  “eat all your vegetables”,  “when you can wear makeup”, “clean your room”,   and “when you can date”   for the good of the household, and to know which battles are really worth fighting.  I’ve been overwhelmingly proud when they learned to walk and talk, when they hit the baseball, made a goal in soccer or scored a point in volleyball,  were on the honor roll, graduated from kindergarten, high school and college, when they showed respect to their grandparents and extended family,  when they were the most beautiful brides ever, when they thought enough to ask for my advice and when they became mother’s themselves.  I thank God every day for the blessing of these beautiful babies who became the most amazing young  women who love God,  themselves, their husband’s and children,  family,  me, their dad,  step-dad and their sister’s.   I’m never more proud to be included in their lives, and being their mom……forever. And to each one of them, I say  …. “Yes, you are my favorite”!   

So there you have, my mom.  Doesn’t she make you want her to adopt you as one of her own?    Although “coming to grips with the belly button piercing”…????  Yeah I am not so sure she has forgiven me for that one yet :)


  1. Anonymous says

    Hands down, THE BEST MOM EVER AWARD, goes to my mom. Not only because of all of the wonderful things she said, did and taught but especially for only mentioning embarrassing things about my sisters and leaving all of my secrets safe and secure. Poor Kristy though, she must be mortified that the world now knows she wore white shoes, with a pink prom dress and navy hose. Yes, they were actually navy because I remember seeing Kristy that night before she left the house. xxoox. Tish

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