Valentine’s Day Bird Feeders

Man my weekends are getting so hectic I am actually looking forward to Mondays.  Isn’t that kind of sad?  Even though I still have a gabillion things today today Mondays are pretty quiet.  Not much noise here, just the sound of the washing machine and my fingers typing.  Oh and of course our beagle Keely snoring.  She sounds like an old man :)

I wanted to get this post out over the weekend but you know those dang little people that live with us took over our weekend.  But surprise surprise, Mike and I actually got to watch not one but TWO big people movies over the weekend!  What is that you say?  Oh yes, the rumor was true :) Holy Moly!!  That never happens.  I don’t even know how we fit that in, between games and practices and errands and church and a birthday party.  I am even surprised Mike and I didn’t pass out on the couch watching them.

Either way I am pretty excited to show you these adorable bird feeders.  I wanted to do something fun with the kids last weekend for Valentine’s Day, you know especially because we have so much “free time.”    I found these adorable bird feeders over at Mommyapolis and wanted to give them a try.
Of course when I mentioned to Mike what we were doing he was less than thrilled at the amount of birds we would bring to our yard.

Here is what you will need:  (I changed my recipe a little from hers since we were having some trouble with them sticking together.)

3/4 cup of flour
1/2 cup of water
3 packets of unflavored gelatin (works out to about 3.5 tbsp
5 tbsp of corn syrup
4 cups of bird seed
a large bowl
parchment paper or wax paper
2 cookie sheet
heart shaped cookie cutters
non stick spray
kabob stick

First thing you want to do is grab your two assistants to help out.
Have them mix the ingredients together.  This is usually the time when your kids see the bird seed and beg you to get a pet bird.  Sorry about that!

Spray the cookie cutters with the non stick spray and lay out your wax paper or parchment paper.  Next up you want them to pack the cookie cutters.  We actually would have been able to make a lot more than we did but we had a very large cookie cutter.  I would think the batch would make about 13-15 depending on the sizes.

Make sure you pack the cookie cutters tight.   They will hold together better.  Once you have filled them, take your spatula and move them to the area to dry.   While the seed is still in the cookie cutter, place the kabob stick at the top to poke a hole for the ribbon.  Once the hole is made you can remove the cookie cutter.  The cookie cutter removes pretty easily.  Just wiggle it a little bit and they will pop up.  This is usually when they bring up the pet bird thing again and swear they will take care of it and you won’t have to do anything to care for the bird.

 Once they are on the cookie sheet let them dry overnight.

Cute little Valentine’s Day ribbon I picked up for $1.00, if you have trouble getting the ribbon through the hole, I used the same kabob stick to stick the ribbon through.

 I hope you all have a great time making these with the kids.  It actually not that messy.  My only issue was the begging of the bird.  But after the project was done they quickly dropped the subject!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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