tired eyes

Most of us are under stress constantly but that is okay because humans are built to be resilient and over the years we grow accustomed to it. So we find it okay to get tired or to age as long as it doesn’t show, right? Because no matter where we are and what we do, we always want to look good even if sometimes we do not feel good.

But looking good is not easy when your face is droopy and puffy and those dark circles under your eyes make it harder for you to look young. So both men and women have always been bothered about this dark under eye circles. So, as a result, they end up using all kinds of regimen just get rid of those dark circles.

So here are a few tips for avoiding dark under eye circles:

Get enough sleep

Just as it is true for everything getting enough sleep promotes your health including getting rid of those dark circles under your eyes. During the night our bodies are meant to be rested because after being active all day just like most things in this world our bodies also need to recharge. Resting at night rejuvenates the body – recuperates from the spent energy and replenishing whatever is lost.

Not resting or sleeping would mean overtime work for the body, so therefore it cannot replenish what was lost. Since it has been working overtime, the brain will supply a darker deoxygenated blood to the body. Now that the veins under your eyes are filled with darker blood dark circles under your eyes may start to appear. Make sure to get enough sleep at night. Keeping it dim and relaxing will be beneficial especially for people with insomnia. You may also apply eye cream for dark circles before heading to bed to help repair and regenerate the skin under the eyes. 

Elevate your head when sleeping

When we go to sleep, body processes in our body continue to operate as replenishes what was lost during the day. But since the body is in a passive state it cannot process the flow of fluids evenly, so just like any container containing fluid the deepest sunken parts always take in the most fluids. That is why elevating your head helps in preventing dark circles under your eyes because, through this, fluid retention under the eye will be lessened.

Stay hydrated

The most obvious answer is; water flushes out the toxins in the body. Therefore, with toxins flushed and well-hydrated systems, the blood flow is uninterrupted and body processes going smoothly the body is performing in optimum performance. A healthy body would, of course, include healthy skin thus no dark circles under eyes.

Increase your vitamin-c intake

As we age, the hyaluronic acid (an essential acid in moisture binding that is of key importance in keeping the skin healthy and glowing) in our body is depleted. Increasing your vitamin C intake can help in boosting the body’s hyaluronic acid that promotes collagen production, as a result, the skin becomes healthier.

Lessen salt and alcohol intake

As mentioned in the previous sentences dehydration can also be the cause of the dark circles under the eyes. Too much salt intake can lead to dehydration and so does drinking too much alcohol. So it is important that you rehydrate after you have been out drinking or been having too many salty treats lately.

Quit smoking

Smoking causes the depletion of the body’s vitamin c storage and can therefore greatly affect the body’s processes in the reproduction of healthy skin cells.

Our body is a temple and it should always be our priority to keep it healthy. And since the skin is the most visible part of our body, our health can also reflect in the condition of health. Healthy glowing skin can, therefore, be a testament to a healthy body and a healthy mind.