I learned an awful lot during my years working with uber successful businessman Bharat Bhise and much of what he taught me has found its way into my own online company. One thing which I remember him being criticized for by someone the business was how he went about celebrating success within the team. Many felt that he played it on too thick or that it wasn’t necessary, but I saw the fruits which this bore, and it was something which I was very keen to implement in my company. If you feel that this is something that you can do better in your business, here are the benefits which I saw first hand after Bharat Bhise decided to work harder on the celebration of business success.

Carrot and The Stick

A business leader’s role is to motivate their team and what better way to do that than to dangle a juicy carrot in front of them and ensure that it is motivation enough for them to achieve their goals? There is a criticism of this from some that you shouldn’t need to inspire your staff like this, and that they should already be bought in to your project so that they work hard to a common goal. Unfortunately unless you are prepared to give each of them an eye-watering salary or a large share in the business, and even then it may fail, you aren’t going to get people running through  walls for you.


Something which so many people overlook, especially the traditionalist business people, is the importance of creating an awesome culture within your business. The aim of every business owner should be to create a business where everyone wants to work, where there is friendly competition, where staff can achieve their goals and most importantly, which will attract the very best in the business. The workplace is where your employees spend most of their lives, so it is up to you to ensure that it is a great place to work. A key component of that is the celebration of real success.

Team Building

People pay thousands of dollars per year on team building trips and courses for their workforce, when in fact they can use the celebration of success as a key tool in doing this. When a team works well together and achieves something, it is only right that they are rewarded together. In doing this you can unify your teams and have them consistently striving for one another win future projects.


Bharat taught me that whilst celebrating success a great idea, it should be done in a way that only real success is celebrated. Small victories are great but they do not call for razzmatazz or celebration on a large scale, Focus on the hard fought victories and the big wins, when they come along, be sure that you treat them with the type of celebration which they so richly deserve.