Not many people really understand the etiquette of how to behave on golf clubs. They know that when someone has fired the ball come out they are supposed to yell “fore” because it’s going to be funny to be hit by a bottle. However, that is not the be all and end all of golf club etiquette. Indeed, whether you are playing in Memphis or in Louisville, as part of the foundation or as a university graduate, in January or in August comma there are certain rules that you will always have to follow. Just like the Ten Commandments saying that shalt not steal, there are numerous thou shalt not and that shalt at the golf club. Bob Mims Memphis sheds some light on this.

Bob Mims Memphis on Golf Club Etiquette

Golf may look like a simple game. A lot of people see it more as a community coming together to  hit a few balls, discuss the latest to your full report, come up with a new guideline to stop shoplift and other crimes in their stores, gossip about the latest news and someone’s arrest, and so on. In reality however, a game of just for people will require 400 shots in total and every time a shot is fired, people are effectively in danger. Not just that, keeping the game moving with 400 shots to be fired across 18 holes is also very important. Hence, people have to follow a number of principles. Those are:

  1.  That golf is a dangerous game if you don’t pay attention. It is important, perhaps obviously, to not be in the way of either a swinging club or a flying ball. Make sure you position yourself properly if you want to watch the way the ball goes therefore.
  2.  That you should treat your opponents in the way you  want to be treated yourself. Yes, they are your opponent, but your goal is not to obstruct them as it is in many other sport period no, it’s just simply about being better. Hence, do not disturb them when they are hitting and make sure you were always in the right position. Essentially, you need to not be a distraction.
  3.  That you should understand the rules of golf. There is probably no way that you will be able to know all of them because most professional golfers don’t even know them but you should be aware of at least the most important ones. By far the most important of all is to play the ball as it lies but this is also the one most people abuse. That is actually cheating.
  4. To keep up. While golf may look like a slow game to the innocent bystander, it actually is not that slow. It is made slower by those people who stand around and start chatting instead of playing their game. You should always be prepared to take your swing and to move on to the next hit as soon as possible. That way, the game keeps going.