Budget-Friendly Hunting Gear - Finding Quality Without Breaking the Bank

A range finder can confirm distances and instill confidence when making shots. A cadet can layer old running clothes and a camo facemask with his whole camo outfit.

A good hunting jacket provides warmth and stealth. A solid spotting scope is also essential.

A good first-aid kit includes gauze, band-Aids of all sizes, sanitizing wipes, and antibacterial cream. And a quiver and bow case keeps arrows and the bow safe in transit.

Buy Used

Buying used ones is the simplest way to find high-quality hunting gear without breaking the bank. If you require a new pair of boots, camo pants, or a rain jacket, check out your local thrift shop or online classified ads. These items are stocked by people who use them regularly and know how well they work.

You’ll also be able to find deals on the high-dollar equipment that you can’t afford to buy new. For instance, a good set of binoculars will help you get close enough to sight your gun.

Shop the End of Season Sale

While a new jacket may be tempting, resist the urge to make any unnecessary impulse purchases. To prevent unnecessary buying, make a gear list, preferably a spreadsheet to keep on hand (sync it up with Google Drive or Dropbox for easy access on all devices).

When the season ends, retailers will reduce their inventory to clear room for upcoming items, which is when you’ll find the best deals. It is especially true of cold weather gear such as winter clothing and boots.

A Realtree turkey vest or decoys is excellent hunting gear to buy now. Long johns, wool socks, and a winter hat are great items you can save money on by utilizing a Bass Pro Shops promo code. Remember to shop around for a good deal on survival supplies like a paracord, a parachute cord, or a 550 cord, which can be used for securing gear, acting as an emergency fishing line, or lifting wildlife for skinning.

Look for Sales Year-Round

Investing in high-end gear certainly has benefits, but you don’t need to break the bank to get quality hunting apparel and accessories. New hunters often feel overwhelmed by what can seem to be a considerable investment in gear. A turkey call, a high-dollar gun, and trips to far-off states with expensive non-resident fees can add up fast.

Whether hunting from a tree stand or hiking, a good backpack is essential for carrying all your equipment. Look for a pack that comfortably distributes a heavy load and features compartments to organize your gear. A backpack designed for hunting typically includes a first-aid kit to help with slight injuries.

Shop Your Closet

If you are shopping for a new hunting outfit or accessories, it might be worth a quick look through your closet before heading to the store. Most hunters have essential clothing items like pants, jackets, and vests in neutral colors that can be worn during multiple seasons.

Depending on the type of hunt, hunters will also have some necessary accessories and tools to help with meat processing at home. For example, a sheet of plywood makes an easy-to-use ramp to load deer (hog, bear, or other game) into the back of a pickup truck without needing a winch.

Similarly, a pair of shears is an inexpensive and handy tool when processing a game at camp or making jerky at home. Likewise, hunters with large-frame backpacks or daypacks will also appreciate a quality set of shears that can easily fit into their gear packs for quick access.


Hunting is a huge part of many outdoorsman’s lives, but it can also be an expensive hobby. You can save money on your hunting gear without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips that can help you get started:

An excellent place to start is your local thrift store. You can often find used athletic clothes that keep you odor-resistant, warm, and dry in the backcountry for much less than new gear. Look for dry-fit, wool, or Capilene. Beginners can often begin with these types of clothing and work towards upgrading to more high-tech camo over time.

Another great option is to borrow hunting gear from friends. It is conducive for hunters who are just starting and still need equipment. For example, a friend might have a set of two-way radios that can be borrowed to help hunters communicate with each other during a hunt. It can be a lifesaver if one group is lost and needs to be found.

Look for Bargains

Hunters often rely on a few essential pieces of gear. For instance, they may need a durable hunting coat, sturdy boots, and good-quality optics.

Buying these items used or at the end-of-season sale can help keep the overall cost down. Most hunting gear companies have at least one big sale a year, so watch for those deals.

Another trick is to look for bargains on clothing and gear that can be worn for other purposes, such as a breathable and comfortable shirt or pants. Hunting jackets, for example, are versatile enough that hunters wear them around town or on date nights.

Remembering that quality gear is an investment that will pay off in the long run is always essential. Take your time to shop and find the best bargains. Doing so will make your outfit with the best hunting gear without spending a fortune.