In recent times, a battle between glasses and contact lenses has risen. Looking around, you find a lot of questions regarding the advantages and disadvantaged between both. Many people seem to favor spectacles and cannot see the benefit of contact lenses. But still, a number discover that contact lenses offer convenience and look attractive. Check out this site if you want to get an expertly written paper regarding health themes.

Evolution of Contacts

Contacts act as a replacement for prescription eyeglasses. Used for cosmetics and also while engaging in sports. They correct any refractive errors. The change in the eye shape, which causes the vision to be blurry is the Refractive error.

The first contact lenses came into being in the late 1800s. The first contact covered the entire eyeball and was a pain to wear. To add to this, it caused harm to the eyes. Unlike other body organs, the eyes directly get oxygen from the air. Covering the eyeballs would, in essence, suffocate them. But over the year’s new inventions of the contact lenses have grown from plastic to soft, even disposable lenses.

Evolution of the Eyeglasses

The first objective of the eyeglasses was to treat farsightedness. Back then, there was no solution for the nearsighted. The only available material was convex to make glass. Its magnified print for purposes of reading or writing. Later on, there was an invention of the concave lens for near-sightedness.

Pros and Cons of Lenses and Glasses

No choice is better than the other when choosing. Both the lenses and glasses have their pros and cons. It comes down to what you prefer based on your budget, aesthetic, or lifestyle. When deciding what to buy, consider which option is convenient for you.

For starters, compared to contact lenses, glasses need less upkeep and risk. If you fail to clean your contacts by any chance, there is a risk of damaging your eyes while it is not a big deal if you neglect to clean your glasses.

With recent developments, though, we have seen the rise of disposable contacts that need zero maintenance. 


Consider your daily activities when choosing either contacts or glasses. Ask yourself the right questions to decide what works better. Take note of the environment you are working in and which you think would work best.

Pros: Contacts

When wearing contacts, you do not suffer from having frames compared to when wearing glasses. You can move without worrying your eyeglasses will fall.

Cons: Glasses

Eyeglasses can interfere with the field of vision. You will not have this issue if you have contact lenses. Glasses tend to fog up due to several factors. But on the positive side, glasses protect the eyes from debris and dust.

Pros: Eyeglasses

People who work with computers prefer eyeglasses. They prevent eye strain, and when it comes to using lubrication drops, glasses are comfortable compared to contact lenses. Also, when it comes to eye irritations and allergies, having specs is a safer choice.


Contact lenses and eyeglasses can be beneficial in correcting refractive errors. The choice of which to use comes down to the preference of the user. It is hard to state that one is superior to the other, only that they differ in preferences. For those looking at aesthetics, both glasses and contacts have become stylish. Different glasses shapes and various color contacts are there for one to choose depending on their preference. You are responsible for deciding what works for you.