If you’re determined to achieve great success as an investor, it’s well worth continuing reading to discover a few handy investment tips from Greg Lindae, who happens to be a high performing, investment expert.

Greg Lindae: Investing Tips

  1. Don’t invest a huge amount of money at one time

Instead of spending $10,000 on stocks in a company which you’re interested in backing, you’re far better off spending $3,000 on the stocks which you’re interested in purchasing and waiting a week to see how your stocks perform before spending more money investing in the business in question.

As if the company you’re interested experiences a significant decrease in share price within a week, you may want to think twice about investing further money into the company in question. Or if you believe that the company will recover in share price, you may choose to invest more money in order to purchase more shares at a heavily discounted rate.

  1. Think twice before following your friends or family members investment recommendations

While you may be tempted to take investment advice from your friends or family members, it’s definitely well worth conducting your own independent research or talking to a financial advisor or investment expert, before choosing to copy your friend or family member’s investment!

As if you were to follow the advice of a loved one and were to lose the majority of your investment, the relationship between you and your friend may sour slightly. As friendships often get difficult when money and business are both involved in the situation.

  1. From time to time become an early backer of companies which you believe will rise in popularity

If you’re not afraid of taking business risks and want a rare chance to double your money or better it’s well worth asking a financial expert to find you a business which is new to the stock exchange, which you’ll be able to invest in before its share price starts to soar as it gains momentum.

While there is a chance that the new company which you’ve invested your money into may drop in price further, most new companies to be featured on the stock exchange are extremely inexpensive to invest in, so you won’t lose a great deal of money. So if you’re keen on taking risks, it’s well worth exploring this investment strategy further in the future.

  1. Decide whether you’re more comfortable trading short-term stocks or long-term stocks

You may be more comfortable purchasing stocks which you plan on selling within a few months for a decent profit or you may be more comfortable purchasing stocks which you plan to hold on to for the next few years. In order to make a sizeable, profit! Or alternatively, you may want to create an investment portfolio which contains both short-term and long-term stocks. Which will ensure that you’ll make an almost instant profit as well as a long-term profit, in the future.

So if you’re excited about being able to invest in your future, it’s well worth taking all of the investment tips listed above to heart as Greg Lindae, has an excellent track record as an investment professional.