Help! How Can I Keep My Pet Cleaner?

Are you a new pet owner? If you are, you may feel surprised by how quickly your pet gets messy. You may also not be prepared for how your pet makes your home dirty. Some new pet owners may consider getting rid of a pet when these things start to happen.

However, instead of rehoming your pet, there are steps you can take to keep your pet (and your home) cleaner, and they don’t have to be very expensive. With a PetSmart grooming coupon, for example, you can save serious cash when grooming your pet.

Here are some other tips for keeping your pet (and home) cleaner:

  • Feed the right food
  • Use a crate
  • Bathe your pet at home
  • Take your pet to the groomer

Tip 1: Feed the right food

Just like for people, the right food for your pet can make a big difference. With the right kind of food, your pet’s coat will remain healthier and shed less. This means less fur to clean up for you and better health for your pet.

Some pet owners are put off by the higher cost of better-quality pet foods. But Slickdeals has coupons for Hill’s Science Diet foods at PetSmart that you can use to save money on high-quality pet food. 

Tip 2: Use a crate

Sometimes it isn’t the pet’s body making the mess – it is the pet. For example, maybe your pet tears up rolls of toilet paper while you are at work. While this can be frustrating, know it is normal. 

Using a crate can be a safe and effective way to keep your house cleaner and your pet safer while you aren’t home. You can use a 15% off crates coupon for PetSmart to save money on a crate. You can also utilize the dog training sale to help your pet get more comfortable with the crate. 

Tip 3: Bathe your pet at home

No matter how often you take your pet to the groomer, you will probably need to also bathe your pet at home. For double-duty products, we recommend utilizing flea and tick shampoo at home in between professional grooming sessions.

Use the 50% off Flea & Tick products coupon to save money on flea and tick shampoos at PetSmart. You can also try the autoship to your home service that PetSmart offers for shampoos and sprays. The PetSmart autoship coupon will save you up to 30%. 

Tip 4: Take your pet to the groomer 

The best way to keep your pet clean and keep their fur or nails from damaging your home is to take them to the groomer regularly. When you go to the groomer, make sure to use a PetSmart grooming coupon. Coupons like these can help bring down the cost of expensive pet grooming services. PetSmart offers a bath and haircut service or a bath and brush service. You will want to use a PetSmart grooming coupon for whichever service you choose. 

By using these tips, you can keep your home and your pet much cleaner and save money in the process. Be sure to visit Slickdeals for any PetSmart grooming coupons you may need.