If you are a qualified nurse and you want an exciting experience, why not look at travel nursing, a position which lets you travel the globe, helping people in some of the poorest communities. Not only is this kind of position the perfect way to travel and earn at the same time, it will also teach you some valuable things about your job, as well as about yourself and your character make up. There are positions all across the world which you can take on and as long as you pick one of the best travel nursing companies with who to work, you will have a truly once in a lifetime experience. When it comes to selecting the best travel nursing company, here is what you should be looking out for.


The housing choices for each travel company tend to differ a lot and this will be one of the most important considerations for you to make. Some companies will offer high end housing as part of the package, others may charge less but require that you find your own housing, and others will look to cram as many into a budget accommodation as possible. Make sure that you read all about the housing options of each company.


Think about what kind of benefits which you are looking for in this position. Above salary, you could look at things like medical benefits, paid vacation time, rental car offers, flights home plus much more. It is important that you think about what benefits you want, before you start looking at what each company offers.

Guaranteed Hours

Some, but not all, travel nursing companies have a guaranteed hours policy which means that you can depend on working a certain amount of hours when you go away. Nine times out of ten this will actually be an agreement which the hospital has with the travel nurse company, and it of course gives you peace of mind that there will always be hours to complete. This guarantee is very important and if a company doesn’t offer it, you may consider using someone else.


Another important factor to consider is the number of locations which each company has. Some companies like to specialize in a particular continent or country, whereas others operate on a global scale. The best approach I can recommend is to first have a think about what kind of place you would like to go to, and then find the travel company which operates within the reason. I would always recommend that you choose benefits and working conditions over the location, so if you find a company in the location you want, but they offer poor benefits, think about changing your desired location.

This is a wonderful experience for any nurse and as long as you manage to get the travel nursing company selection right, you can count on having a once in a lifetime opportunity to do good.