For both teachers and children alike, a school trip is something which can prove to be a valuable learning experience and a wonderful opportunity for the students to bond. I can remember just before I graduated to be a teacher, I was helping out James Padlock in a  local school, and we went on a trip to a nearby lake for a geography weekend. It was on this trip that I realized just how much more ready to learn the kids were, and how much they could gain form getting out of the classroom. If you are thinking about taking the kids away, here is some of the things which you need to do in order to prepare.


When picking the location it is vital that you select not only somewhere that he kids will be able to learn, but also somewhere interesting and fun. If you take a group of young people away for the weekend or longer, then you can expect them to want to enjoy themselves so it will be up to you to choose somewhere that they can do this, and still be able to concentrate on their studies. Thrash out a few ideas with your fellow teachers, put a kind of center board on the wall and fill it with ideas.

Consent Forms

From the moment that you have decided on your destination, you must get the consent forms out to the parents. The consent form should feature boxes whereby the parent can fill out any medical information, it should say exactly where you are going and what you will be doing, as well as all of the terms and conditions of the children being in your charge. These forms are what will protect you should anything go wrong on the trip, and their  importance cannot be underestimated.

Getting the Ratios Right

Each state will differ in terms of how many adults are required per child, and this is also something that will depend on the age of the child. In order to avoid any mishaps or anything more sinister, it is vital that you have a full understanding of what is required from you legally.

Planning Activities

All activities should be planned well ahead of time. The reason for this is not only so that you can be sure that you have a place, but also so that you can notify the parents as to what is planned, as well as informing the school. Don’t miss out on activities because you don’t plan them early enough.

Contact Details

Should you be required to give any news, good or bad, to a parent, it is vital that you have their correct contact details, as well as a back up contact. Whilst the school may already have this, it is still worth you having it too, as you may need to make a call at any given time, or on a  day when the school is not open.

Plan well and remember that the kids need to have some fun!