The moment when you hire a DUI lawyer is really important for your future since getting the services of a bad attorney will almost always mean that the results are not going to be as great as they could be. We never know when something bad happens and we are faced with something like a DUI charge. It is really important that we find a good attorney so Peter Howe, Michigan lawyer with a lot of experience, discusses some important facts about how to choose a great DUI lawyer and why you should be really careful.

Local Regulations And Laws

Peter Howe says that one of the most important reasons why you should hire a DUI lawyer is the expertise that he/she has about the problems you have right now. The best attorneys know everything about your situation. They dealt with numerous such cases in the past so they know everything about regulations and local laws. The DUI lawyer can easily take a look at your case and tell you what the best course of action is. When you do not hire such a specialist or the one you hire is not experienced at a local level, problems can easily appear as the wrong steps would be taken during case development.

Access To Support Investigators

One of the important things that you have to understand, according to Peter Howe, is that you want to hire experienced DUI lawyers because they are never alone. They use a network of specialists and investigators that help in building a much stronger case for clients. Background investigations are really important in DUI cases since even a small technicality can lead to totally different results. The DUI attorney will think about everything of interest about the case from gathering proof to witness cross-examination. The team employed is always disciplined and can prove to be of huge help in finding things that prosecutors missed.

Reduced Sentence

We need to face the facts and admit that in most situations, those caught driving under the influence are actually guilty. In this case, hiring a DUI lawyer is particularly important. Peter Howe states that the sentence that you are going to receive will most likely be much more severe in the event you do not have an attorney by your side.

Most people think about losing their driver’s license but this is just one of the possible outcomes of DUI cases. There is even the possibility that you are sentenced to jail. Having a DUI attorney on retainer can be the difference between going to jail and being given a suspended sentence. Nobody can deny how important that is.


Peter Howe and any other experienced attorney in Michigan or around the country will tell you that you do need to hire a DUI lawyer as soon as you are charged with such an offense. It is really important that you do not discuss with the police officers unless the attorney is present and that you get counsel before you take any legal step.