ShiftPixy is an app that has been developed to enable shift workers to promote their skills and for businesses to find them. Essentially, the app has been designed to ensure work can always be completed on time, while at the same time ensuring workers are able to earn the money they need to survive.  Very simply put, the app is a recruitment and scheduling platform on which shift workers and shift providers can register and work together to support the gig economy.

How ShiftPixy Benefits Businesses

Businesses can enjoy a number of benefits by signing up to this app. They include:

  • The ability to always access the contingent and mobile workforce in an up-to-date, real-time manner.
  • The ability to create reports on all shifts, thereby ensuring full compliance with rules and regulations, while at the same time not experiencing any failure or having to compromise on quality.
  • The opportunity to broadcast openshift so that all available and qualified candidates are able to see them and apply for them.
  • The ability to set compensation costs, capping them, decreasing them, and escalating them where necessary.
  • The opportunity to allow workers, described as ‘Shifters’, to view any and all available jobs, which they can pick in real time.
  • The opportunity to include core employment, which enables businesses to maximise their own growth strategy while at the same time liberating their business.

Key Features of the ShiftPixy App

The app has been designed to provide a platform on which all administrative and employee duties can be properly managed. Key features include:

  • The ability to create shifts, identifying where any gaps are and turning goes into an opportunity for a shift.
  • The ability to use just a single tap to accept a Shifter or to create a new opening in the shift.
  • Full integration of timesheets and attendance, as the app can link with existing attendance and time systems.
  • The ability to create shift rotations as required by the business itself, which can also be easily maintained. All compliance demands will continue to be met.
  • The ability to track expenses and payroll as the app is driven by compliance. This means that the pain management of both your flexible and fixed team members is always accurate and very easy to complete and check.

Overall, the app is essentially designed to enable businesses to have to spend for less time scheduling in there staff. Flex and fixed staff can be included in the app, which will communicate with them and track them so that all work will be done on time.

The gig economy is the modern way of working. For employees, it is an opportunity to work when they want and when they can. From businesses, it is an opportunity to ensure all work is done without the hassle of having to have someone on permanent payroll. As such, it is a win-win situation for all parties involved. ShiftPixy simply facilitates this economy to further benefit both workers and organizations.