Snapseed is a fantastic software that enables photographers to edit photos in a professional manner straight from their iPhone or iPad. The ability to make such nice edits without having to own a complex (and usually expensive) software is a great benefit for new photographers getting started on their high quality iPhone camera and those who are always on the move. Snapseed’s very simple user interface though, makes it possible for anybody to make nice edits to their pictures.

Editing the Picture Size

As a photographer, it is important to make sure the picture is a good shape and straight. A crooked image is very noticeable and can serve as a distraction from the beauty of the picture. Using the straighten tool, you use your finger to make slight adjustments measured in degrees. If you want to make a greater change, you can adjust the picture 90 degrees at a time. After making sure the picture is straight, you may want to crop it fit better for a social network or to cut something out. Snapseed’s cropping tool gives you a variety of sizes to choose from like 3:2, 5:4, 16:9 and so forth. If you want to change a picture to a size not listed, it is very easy to do so. You simply drag the corners of the screen.

Editing the Image

The next thing you may want to edit is the actual image itself. The Tune Image Tool gives you the capability to change many aspects of the image. Your options are Brightness, Ambiance, Contrast, Saturation, Shadows and Warmth. It only takes simple swipe to either direction to make changes after selecting one of the options. The brightness setting ranges from -10 to +10, enabling you to highlight something that may be too bright or too dark. Ambiance is a very popular option because it can either highlight and give better exposure to the image or give it more shadow and soften light areas. Contrast is similar to ambiance but makes stronger changes to the highlights. The Saturation tool allows to change the vibrant colors in the picture. For instance, the color orange and yellow will pop more. It is fairly noticeable though, so many people only make small changes for normal pictures. The shadow tool is to enlighten details that may be in shadows but can make the rest of the picture appear very grainy. It is best used when the entire picture is in a shadow. Finally, the Warmth Tool makes your picture either “warm” or “cool”. Warm pictures have a more orange layover while cool pictures have a blue layover. If you ever want to see the original image to compare, simply tap the corner .

Snapseed Can Make Your Pictures Beautiful

These edits are generally the first one any photographer does after taking the perfect picture. Make sure to play with the settings, trying different combinations at a time. Snapseed’s ability to switch in between tools makes it extremely easy to experiment with the tools until you have the perfect picture.