The Benefits of CBN: A Complete Guide

There are more than 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. But most people are only familiar with two of them.

THC and CBD are the two cannabinoids that almost everyone can identify at this point. There are many benefits that come along with using both of them, which is why people have become so familiar with them.

It’s worth noting that there is at least one more cannabinoid that you should know about, though. It’s called cannabinol, or CBN, and it’s starting to make a name for itself in health and wellness circles thanks to the many benefits of CBN.

So, what is CBN? And what exactly are the CBN benefits?

We’re going to set out to answer these questions today. We’re also going to touch on how to take CBN and even help you answer the question, “What is CBN like when you take it?”

Here is everything that you need to know about CBN so that you consider whether or not taking it might be right for you.

What Is CBN?

Before we get into talking about the different benefits of CBN, it’s very important for you to know what CBN is. You’re not going to feel comfortable taking it if you’re not sure where it comes from.

CBN is, as we alluded to a few moments ago, one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. However, it’s a cannabinoid that is most often found in older cannabis plants since it’s created when the THC in these plants ages. Once THC is exposed to heat and oxygen for a long enough period of time, it’ll turn into CBN.

After hearing about its close connection to THC, you might be concerned about it making you feel “high” like THC does. But you aren’t going to have to worry about this. Much like CBD, CBN won’t produce the same “high” feeling that you’ll get from THC.

What Are the Benefits of CBN?

In a few seconds, we’re going to dive headfirst into the benefits of CBN. But before doing it, we should point out that there is still a lot of research to be done on CBN and the effects it can have on the human body. There are studies being done every day on the CBN benefits.

But a lot of the research that has been done thus far has suggested that taking CBN could be very beneficial to you. We’re going to walk you through seven of the ways in which it might help you below.

1. It Might Help to Relieve Pain

Is pain something that you’re forced to deal with on a regular basis? Then you’ll be happy to hear that one of the top benefits of CBN is that it might be able to relieve any pain that you’re feeling.

Some research has shown that CBN seems to have an impact on the activity of the neurons in the body that are very sensitive to capsaicin, which is a component that is typically found in chili peppers. These neurons play a key role in the pain that you might feel in different parts of your body.

By influencing these neurons, CBN might make feelings of pain go away in some people. And with about 50 million Americans suffering from chronic pain right now, it goes without saying that many people could potentially benefit from CBN affecting them in this way.

2. It Might Serve as an Anti-Inflammatory

Chronic inflammation is another condition that millions of people throughout the country are forced to deal with day in and day out. Many of them are unable to find any kind of relief, no matter how hard they work to try and get it.

There are some scientists who believe that using CBN could be one of the keys to stopping chronic inflammation in its tracks. They’ve recommended that people try using CBN to see how their body responds to their inflammatory diseases. Its anti-inflammatory properties might work wonders for certain people.

3. It Might Make It Easier to Sleep

Is sleep hard to come by for you these days? You’re not alone! The CDC says that about 30% of Americans aren’t getting enough shut-eye each night.

There are tons of things that you can try to do to get more sleep at night. But one of the simplest ways to start sleeping better might be by using CBN before bed every night.

Certain studies that have been done on CBN seem to show that CBN might have a future as a powerful sedative. Mice who were given CBN during one study slept better and longer than they did without CBN in their systems.

If you’re someone who struggles to sleep on a nightly basis, using CBN could very well be the answer to your prayers. It would also be worth keeping a close eye on the outcomes of future sleep studies involving CBN.

4. It Might Fight Bacteria in the Body

In theory, you might not think that something like CBN would stand a chance in a battle with bacteria. But believe it or not, one study done more than a decade ago appeared to show that CBN might be able to fight off bacterial infections that don’t budge when they’re treated with antibiotics.

More specifically, this study found that CBN appeared to have an effect on MRSA when it was used to treat it. MRSA is a bacterial infection that is notoriously tough to treat because of its resistance to antibiotics. So the fact that CBN was even a little bit effective in treating it during this study should provide some hope for those who would like to see it used as an antibiotic itself.

5. It Might Work as an Anti-Convulsant

Both CBD and THC seem to be effective tools for those trying to treat epilepsy. One study after another has discovered that CBD and THC can reduce and even eliminate the number of seizures that someone with epilepsy might have.

But as it turns out CBD and THC might not be the only two cannabinoids that can be used as anti-convulsants. While CBN doesn’t seem to have quite the effect that CBD and THC do, it also appears to have some anti-convulsant properties.

6. It Might Encourage Bone Healing and Growth

When you think about trying to grow strong, healthy bones inside of your body, you probably think about chugging one glass of milk after another. Adding more calcium to your diet is usually what your doctor will tell you to do when you need to heal a broken bone or make your bones stronger.

But you might also want to consider taking CBN to encourage bone healing and growth, too. There is some evidence to suggest that CBN might be effective when it comes to healing fractured bones and reversing any bone loss that you might be experiencing.

7. It Might Slow the Spread of Cancer

First things first: Almost all of the research that has touched on CBN’s potential impact on cancer cells has barely scratched the surface. There is still so much that scientists don’t know about CBN and cancer.

But with that being said, some studies have shown that cannabinoids like CBN might be able to slow down the spread of cancer in some people. It might also be able to reduce the size of some cancerous tumors in those who have them.

Again, this isn’t to say that CBN is going to help you beat cancer if you’re ever diagnosed with it. But if what scientists have seen so far holds true, it could be one piece of the puzzle for you with regard to trying to beat cancer once and for all.

How to Take CBN

Now that you know about all of the benefits of CBN, you might be wondering what you would have to do to actually take it. You’ll be happy to know that there are several different options for you.

CBN is often sold in the form of CBN oil. You can stick this oil under your tongue, add it to a cup of coffee, or even use it in a recipe.

CBN is also sometimes sold in the form of a vape cartridge. This will allow you to vape with your CBN oil so that you can get access to the CBN benefits.

Regardless of how you choose to use CBN, it shouldn’t be too challenging for you to get it into your system. You may want to just tinker around with how much of it that you take based on how your body reacts to it when you begin using it.

What Is CBN Like?

The good news for those who decide to use CBN is that they’re not going to notice a huge difference in how they feel from a mental perspective when they start using CBN. As we mentioned earlier, you’re not going to get “high” when you use CBN like you would when using THC.

While most people like this because it allows them to continue to live their lives without interruption, it also means that you might need to work extra hard to ensure that CBN is working for you. You’re going to have to consider whether or not you’re enjoying the CBN benefits while using it since they won’t always be instantly recognizable.

You should monitor how different parts of your body feel while you’re using CBN. It’ll help you figure out if CBN is working for you or if you need to up your dosage to get better results.

Is CBN Safe?

As we’ve said time and time again here, there is still a lot of research to be done on CBN. It’s why we can’t definitively say that CBN is safe.

But we can say that, up until this point, there haven’t been any serious side effects of CBN reported. And many scientists are hoping that it stays that way after seeing some of the benefits of CBN so far.

There are certain people who should shy away from using CBN just to be safe, though. This includes those who are pregnant, those who are breastfeeding, and those who are under the age of 21.

You should also make it a point to speak with your doctor about your desire to give CBN a try if you plan on doing it. They should be able to shed some more light on it and let you know if using CBN would be a good idea for you.

Where to Buy CBN

With news about the possible benefits of CBN starting to get out there in the world, it’s becoming easier and easier for people to buy it. You shouldn’t have to look too hard online to track down CBN and have it shipped straight to your home.

But before you begin buying up a bunch of CBN, you should find a reputable company to sell it to you. You should also find a lineup of products that you love. These Comfortably Numb products are one great option to consider.

Start Taking Advantage of the CBN Benefits Today

CBN might not be as well-known as THC and CBD just yet. But it shouldn’t take too long for it to earn its spot in the rotation for many people.

As you’ve discovered here, you might be able to benefit from using CBN in a big way. There are so many benefits of CBN to go around for those who choose to put it to the test.

You should experiment with CBN to find out how you’ll react to it. You might be surprised to see just how beneficial it can be when used properly. Whether taken to treat pain or used to get better sleep, you’re likely going to see some positive changes in yourself once you welcome CBN into your life.

Are you interested in learning even more about CBN, CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids? Browse through the other articles on our blog for additional information on them.