The Different Screws Roofers Use When Installing a New Roof

Roofing is a fundamental part of a house that should be done properly. If the roof installation isn’t done properly, it can get loose very quickly. However, to properly tighten the shingles in the roof, you will need roofing screws. These roofing screws are designed according to the pattern and material of roof shingles.

These screws seal the shingles properly during extreme wind storms so they don’t get removed. Moreover, different screws are used for other roofing materials, like metal roofing screws, wood roofing screws, color bond roofing screws, colored roofing screws, etc.

Importance of roofing screws:

Roofing screws are an essential thing to fasten the shingles with the roof says All Seasons Roofing. It is impossible to combine roof shingles with the surface without a roofing screw. Also, if the screws are not fitted, the shingles can get lost during a heavy wind storm. 

While buying roofing screws, ensure that the screws are similar to the shingle holes. Also, using a drill, you can make holes in the roof that should be closed properly after fitting. A fitted roofing screw will cause the shingles to fit up to decades.

Also, these roofing screws are different from other screws. The shape and size of roofing screws are designed according to the roof shingles. Plasterboard screws or deck screws can’t be installed in roofing shingles. 

Different roofing screws:

Different types of roofing screws are extremely important during the DIY installation of roofs. Therefore, the knowledge of various is compulsory so that you can easily and properly fit the tiles on the roof’s surface. 

Also, different materials require different screws. So choosing the screw-type depends upon the material you are installing on your roof. Some popular roofing screws are as follows.

  • Metal roofing screws:

Self-drilling screws are used for installing metal roofs. They have a drilling tip that automatically makes a hole in the metal shingle while drilling. The size of the metal roofing screws is different according to the size of the metal. 

Metal is the strongest shingle material, so these self-drilling screws are considered the most suitable. Due to easy drilling, metal shingles can be installed at home. Moreover, these self-drilling screws ensure that shingles remain fitted for over 50 years.

  • Wood roofing screws:

Wooden shingles require precise drilling so that the shingle doesn’t break. Wood roofing screws are great for wooden shingles because they have a narrow tip. This thin tip will make a hole in the wood shingle without damaging it. Also, it doesn’t require any initial drilling to drill these screws.

These are multiple roof shingles and can be used for wood and metal roofs. They are made of very strong material that can easily remain the shingles on the roof surface. They are also suitable for timber and steel roofing systems due to their precise tip.

  • Colorbond roofing screws 

Color bond screws are available in different colors that are used to fit color bond steel shingles. They are incredibly durable that ensure that your shingles stay fit for longer. Also, during extreme weather conditions like wind or heavy rainfall, they don’t remove the shingles from the roof.

  • Cyclone roofing screws 

The roof is the outer surface, which gets more affected by the storm and wind. That’s why having a better quality screw is very important. Standard screws can’t afford wind pressure and can damage the shingles badly. That’s why these cyclone roofing screws are very useful.

As the name suggests, cyclone roofing screws are suitable for cyclone-prone regions. Such regions require extra strength than other roofing systems. These cyclone roofing screws come with fitted fasteners that keep the surface of the screw into the depth of the roof.

  • Colored roofing screws

Colored roofing screws are designed to meet the color of your roof shingle. As roof shingles are available in different colors, these color screws get mixed with the shingle and don’t look odd. Asphalt and tile shingles available in other colors are mostly fitted with these screws.


Roof shingles require extra safety to stay fitted into the roof. Screws are used to provide additional strength to your roof shingles. A roofing screw is a mandatory component because a shingle can’t survive the extreme wind without it. Also, these screws help to enhance the lifespan of roof shingles up to decades.

Different roof materials need additional screws that can adjust them properly. For example, wooden roofing screws are great for wood and metal roofs. They have a tip that goes inside the shingle without ant drilling. Similarly, colored roofing screws are also high in demand for colored shingles.