If you are going to be spending a long time away from your home covering for someone, working a short term freelance gig or filling in for a maternity leave or sabbatical then short stay accommodation is what you are going to be looking for. A hotel stay however for 3 months is hardly something worth looking forward to and that is why so many will look at corporate housing rentals, which offer that home-from-home environment which lends itself far better to the happiness and comfort when staying in a new location, especially when you are primarily there for work. To this end there are some things which you should focus on when you are looking at a corporate housing rental, and this is what you should have in mind.

Distance From Job

If you are going to another office for a few days then getting a hotel close to the office makes perfect sense and adds ease to the whole affair. If however you are planning to stay for a longer duration this probably won’t be the best idea and so you will need a place which is close enough for you to get to the office but far enough away for you to have a sense of living in the location, rather than living in the office.


 Because you re going to be living here you will want to enjoy yourself and that is why you should also ensure that you are not out in the middle of suburbia but rather in an active area where there are things going on. After a day in the office a trip to a restaurant or a bar is going to be just what the doctor ordered, so you should aim to look for somewhere which is in the heart of the action.


There is little point investing the time and the money required to furnish a property so you will need to ensure that it is not only furnished but also it is appealing. When we stay in hotels or private rentals the furnishing choices aren’t the be-all and end-all but if you are going to be staying somewhere for a longer period of time then you will want somewhere that at the very least is agreeable.


Finally you need the piece of mind that the place where you are staying is looked after well and managed by an individual or by a management company. When you are in a new place and a new environment you need to have some level of protection in your home, someone who you can speak to if things go wrong and that is why you should always look to ensure that you are renting somewhere which has a solid management system in place, with people who you can turn to should anything go wrong or should you need any level of support.

Do your research well and make sure that you get a place where you will be comfortable.