Anyone who’s over 40 years old is familiar with the original bean bag chair that was usually spherical in shape and filled with various materials from PVC plastic to polystyrene to actual beans. However, you might not know that the bean bag chair has evolved to be a sophisticated piece of furniture that supports your entire body from the moment you sit or lie down. You may not realize it, but you need a bean bag chair in your life. Here are the reasons why.

They’re Comfortable

This is the main reason why you need a bean bag chair in at least one room of your home. The relatively new expanded polystyrene filler combined with a cotton blend cover make the modern bean bag chairs the most comfortable furniture you’ll ever experience. They’re referred to often as zero-gravity chairs because you’ll feel like you’re floating on air when you’re sitting or laying on one. Every body part that is positioned fully on the bean bag chair is supported so it’s almost like the chair becomes a part of you.

Whether you’re using the chair as an actual chair or as a lounger, couch, or bed, you’ll discover the benefits of a perfectly ergonomic product that eliminates pressure points and provides your back and neck with the support they need for any activity you’re pursuing. Reading, gaming, watching television, and even napping become more comfortable with a high-end bean bag chair.

They’re Stylish

No, really, they’re stylish! Not only do they come in a wide range of colors (the Yogibo Max has up to 14 to choose from), but they are also modern looking so that they fit in with any decor. Just choose the color that matches your aesthetic and the shape of the chair will complement any existing furniture. If you feel like the chair is too casual when you’re having guests over, it’s small enough that you can simply store it in a closet or another room. The Yogibo Max only takes up two square feet when standing on end, so you can store it when you need to and use it when you want to.

Moreover, if your aesthetic changes, which it is prone to do over the years, you can order a new cover that meets your current taste, remove the old one, and replace it with the new one. The whole process of changing your bean bag chair’s looks takes minutes.

They’re Washable

Remember the days when your nice materials could only be dry cleaned? Those days were not much fun. Fortunately, the modern bean bag chairs come with washable covers so if you do get yours dirty, you can easily remove the inner bean bag from the zippable cover and toss the cover into your washing machine. Once it’s done, your chair will be like new again. What other furniture are you able to just put in the laundry if it becomes soiled? 


Bean bag chairs are no longer just the domain of teens or college students. The high-end bean bag chairs, like the Yogibo Max, are making their way into homes of all types. Consider adding one of these incredible chairs to one or more of your rooms. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!