Wood Table

Have you ever been excited to show off a newly renovated living room or office space after getting it furnished just the way you want it? Imagine inviting your design savvy friend over for dinner, who, without missing a beat, identifies the source of the furniture. “Oh, so you went to So-And-So’s Antique Shop,” he sighs. “I simply love what you’ve done with the place.” Can you feel the disappointment kindling in your chest? People with a keen eye for design appreciate originality and beauty. One way to stand out is to furnish your space with furniture made from reclaimed wood. This is wood that was previously used to make buildings, fences, furniture, etc., then broken down and repurposed for something new. Here are three reasons to choose reclaimed wood furniture over out-of-the-box furniture.

It’s One Of A Kind

Choose reclaimed wood furniture if you want something original that says something about you. It could say something sentimental or something about your proud family history. Are you thinking about a reclaimed wood table or something else for your living room? Coffee tables crafted from rustic barn wood or cedar pallet wood have a unique flavor to them. You might just want a unique, quality piece of wood furniture to finish off your chic interior design. Reclaimed wood offers a tactile look that can easily turn your living space into an exotic, fashionable environment. Reclaimed wood makes a long-lasting impression that pieces from box store retailers simply are not able to. Pieces made from repurposed wood cannot be duplicated or copied. They are truly one of a kind.

It’s Durable

The durability of reclaimed wood is never a concern. This is wood with a long history. Many old barns and buildings were built with wood from old growth trees, trees that had hundreds, sometimes thousands of years to grow, making it much stronger than young, freshly-felled wood. This makes it tough, but it doesn’t make it invincible. It needs to be cared for. Reclaimed wood will not rot or get water damage if it is treated diligently. When you keep it dry and finish it with high-quality, long-term, durable paint it can last for centuries. Painting on reclaimed wood is easy thanks to its natural durability in harsh weather conditions. Finish your reclaimed wood with a clear protective top coat to prevent the wood from scratches, moisture damage, spills, stains, and UV wear. Layered finishes like oil and polyurethane offer both protection and a gorgeous natural look.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Are you simply against deforestation? Reclaimed wood furniture is for you. It is, as the name suggests, 100% recycled from pre-existing material, meaning that no new trees needed to be knocked down in its creation. The process is harmless to the ecosystem. Confidently use reclaimed wood furniture as a way of making your home both beautiful and kind to the environment.

By decorating with reclaimed wooden furniture, you’ll never run into that “expert in home décor” who will be able to instantly categorize your style. Let your originality shine and be ready to accept a few compliments on your one of a kind, durable, and eco-friendly reclaimed wood furniture.