Have you thought about down the road?

No; not from where you live but what would happen to your possessions and other things if you would die out of the blue?

Far too many people do not take the time to get their affairs in order. As a result, they can leave behind a mess for those who have to pick up the pieces once they’ve died.

So, will your affairs be in order for the day when you leave this Earth?

Be Pro-Active in Having Things Fall into Place

In looking at your life as it is right now, keep these three reasons to get things in order in mind:

  1. Your finances – Would you want to leave a mess behind for your loved ones with your finances and more when you die? Given that the answer is going to be no, start today to get things in order. Leaving behind sizable debt and more can be a burden too great for some to bear. While you may have great health and be at an age where death seems so far away, don’t tempt fate. Accidents and sudden illnesses or even death can strike when one least expects it. Although it can be a difficult talk to have, sit down with your loved ones and talk about the matter. By getting things out there, you can discuss the matter in a calm and collected manner. Once the discussion ends, be sure to get matters in writing. Avoiding a mess when you are gone is something you and your closest loved ones should want.
  2. Your funeral – As tough as the finances talk can be, discussing a funeral can be more difficult. That said be sure to let loved ones know if you want a traditional service and burial or if cremation is to your liking. If you opt for the latter, scattering ashes at sea may be on your wish list. More people are finding that such a service can be quite therapeutic for those in attendance. For you, if you have a love for the open water, such a service will give you your wish for a final resting place. Like other items in getting affairs in order, look into companies providing services. Once you choose one for your cremation and scattering of the ashes, have it in writing for your loved ones.
  3. Your family – From any children you have to your pets and of course to your partner, you want them cared for when you die. That said get in writing what is to happen with your legal affairs when you die. Assuming a partner or children will not have to worry about their well-being when you die, what about pets? The matter can be even more of a challenge for someone who is not married or has no kids. Unless they have a relative or close friend nearby, a pet may not have care for when the individual dies. This is why you want and need to get things in writing. The last thing you’d want is your faithful companion not having care when you die.

As you go about getting your affairs in order, will you cover all your bases?