Sports Wellness

Running clubs may seem intimidating, but they actually offer a lot of benefits to runners, especially those who still want to improve. A running club can help you improve in ways that you can’t achieve if you’re just running alone—here are 5 reasons to join a running club:

A running club will motivate you.

Being in the company of runners, you will be motivated to train and run consistently, so you can improve your form, increase your stamina, and overall become a much better runner than you were before you join the club. A running club will also hold you accountable for the days you miss running. Sometimes, you miss a run just because you’re feeling lazy. It’s harder to skip when you have people to remind you of your goals and to force you to get up and run.

A running club will instill a sense of team spirit in you.

Some people get discouraged by the mere thought of having to go on a run alone. But, with a running club, you’ll always have someone to call when you feel like going on a run. The social aspect of a running club is a great motivator; you build friendships with the people in your running club, and you’ll later on find yourself looking forward to running with them. A running club also instills a sense of team spirit in you. When you feel like giving up, you have people around you to push and inspire you to try harder and run farther.

A running club will teach you structured workouts for runners.

Running in and of itself is already a workout, but you should always perform complimentary workouts that will make you a better and stronger runner. There are specific workouts that will improve your strength, stamina and pace, which a running club will have plenty of knowledge on. They can teach you routines that you can do alone or together. With your running club, you can tune your body and prepare you for upcoming races and marathons.

A running club will have access to upcoming races and marathons.

Speaking of races and marathons, if you want to participate in more of these events, then you should definitely join a running club. They will surely have access to upcoming events (some you may not have even heard of) that you can join together. By joining these events with your running club, you’ll have a running partner that will motivate you to finish the race or marathon. This is particularly helpful during your problem miles; you need someone to cheer you on so you can keep running until the finish line.

Overall, a running club will help you become a better runner by motivating you, holding you accountable, teaching you about the appropriate workouts, and introducing you to new events that you can join. Even though you’re not the best runner when you start, you’ll find yourself improving significantly over time. Achieving your goals will also be easier with the help of your running club. And as a bonus: You’ll make friends that you’ll definitely keep for life.