You’ve heard the old adage time and again: communication is the key to a successful relationship.

It’s cliché for a reason: it’s true. However, there are such things as communicating badly and overcommunicating. The real key is healthy communication in relationships. 

If you’re interested in learning how to fix communication in a relationship, follow along as we discuss 6 communication tips for couples that can lay the groundwork for a deep and durable partnership.

1. Approach Disagreements Collaboratively

The goal of relationship communication should be to find a solution to problems with your partner. That being the case, approach areas of disagreement as though you and your partner are on the same team. 

Simply framing your mindset this way instead of taking a you-vs-them approach is a major step in making a relationship work. A good line to remember: “If you’re trying to win, you’ve already lost.”

2. Listen to Comprehend

When things are heated between you and your partner, it’s easy to fall into the trap of waiting for your turn to speak without absorbing what your partner is saying.

All the communication in the world won’t help your situation if you’re not listening to your partner’s feelings. Active listening skills are massively important here. Acknowledge your partner’s statements and make sure you’ve understood them correctly before saying your piece.

3. Keep Calm

It may be easier said than done, but maintaining your calm when communicating with your partner goes a very long way to improving your relationship health.

Raising your voice, snapping at your partner, or being aggressive will make them defensive and lead to butting heads rather than working toward a solution. If you don’t feel you can keep your cool in the moment, try taking a break for a few minutes before engaging.

4. Validate Their Feelings

You may take issue with your partner’s perspective on something, you may disagree, you may think they’re wrong. However, being right or correcting your partner’s view of things isn’t what’s important. What matters is that they feel heard.

Instead of disagreeing with your partner’s viewpoint, imagine instead how they’re feeling and show them that you care. “I’m sorry that you’re feeling hurt” is an incredibly powerful statement.

5. Express Your Needs Clearly

Expecting your partner to know what you want, whether in a disagreement, in the bedroom, or at any other time, is a recipe for disappointment and frustration. If you’re not getting what you want, there’s a good chance your partner doesn’t know what it is.

To get what you want, you need to be clear. Tell your partner what is bothering you and what you want to see change without putting blame on them.

6. Don’t Wait For a Fight

Communication in a relationship should never be reserved only for arguments or fights.

Practicing open, honest, and clear communication all the time will mean that these arguments will happen less and less and that they will be gentler and healthier when they do.

Implementing Communication Tips For Couples

Communication truly is the key to a successful relationship, but developing good communication skills is necessary. Practice these communicating with your partner and you’ll be on your way to maintaining a healthy relationship. A good way to start is by sharing these communication tips for couples with them and discussing them together.

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