If you are looking to invest some money then the number one place which you should be looking at is real estate. Two years ago I received some inheritance and I wanted to make that money work for me, at the time I had a close friend who was working for AAIM Development, a real estate developer, and would talk to me at length about exactly why I needed to get involved in real estate investment. Eventually I acquiesced and I currently have 3 properties, and I am on the lookout for the fourth. Real seta presents a far better opportunity to make money than any other kind of investment and if you have some cash which you are looking at putting to work, here is why you should seriously consider real estate.


In terms of market volatility it is real estate which will offer you the safest option. In comparison to the stock exchange or investment of natural resources, the markets can be spontaneous and volatile, which the real estate market rarely suffers from. Not only is the market much more buoyant, it is proven throughout history that even after a dip or a complete collapse of the housing market, it will always come back.

Supply and Demand

Since the dawn of the real estate market there has always been a greater demand than there is supply and this makes for a perfect environment for any investor. This is why there is so much pressure put on governments to build more homes, because there is such a heavy demand for it. What this means for investors is that you will never have much trouble renting or selling your property, and it is also what helps to ensure that the market remains stable.


Real estate is one of the few investment opportunities where you can actually see your money, it is right there is bricks and mortar. When you invest in stocks and shares you will only be able to see your investment displayed as numbers on a screen, when it comes to real estate however, your investment is safe and secure and most importantly, it is visible. With the exception of a natural disaster, nothing can take this asset away from you and it is yours to do whatever you like with it.


There are more than one way to invest in real estate and that is why it is so appealing to many investors. You could invest looking for a quick sale after picking up a low priced property, you could look to invest in the long term and rent out the property, bringing in a steady flow of income, alternatively you could look to invest in a fund which pools money together in order to invest in bigger and larger scale property options.

If you do have some money to invest, look no further than real estate.