I underwent a rhinoplasty procedure last year after having suffered for many years with a nose which many would consider crooked, myself included. Everything went swimmingly during the procedure and Dean Toriumi here in Chicago, Illinois is a fantastic cosmetic surgeon who provided me with exceptional results. I was stunned then when I read some off the Dean Toriumi reviews to find that some were complaining about the procedure which they had done. I actually asked the team about this and it quickly became apparent that these patients hadn’t asked enough questions or listened to the surgeon, something which I believe happens very often. You need to know about the before/after, the good/bad of this type of procedure and here is why you need to bombard your surgeon with questions.


Some of the work which these surgeons do is absolutely miraculous but they have limitations depending on the size and shape of your face and your nose. You may want a noise like Britney but if the surgeon can’t do it then the surgeon can’t do it. You not only have to be realistic in your expectations but also you need to ensure that you have asked the surgeon plenty of questions in order to gain an understanding as to exactly what kind of results you are going to expect.


Although rhinoplasty is a very common procedure which in fact is incredibly safe, there are always some medical risks to take into account. This is yet another reason why you should ask as many questions as possible because you need to go into this procedure with your eyes very much open. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially when it concerns your wellbeing.

After Care

The way in which you look after yourself following the procedure is vitally important and the dangers of not doing so could actually damage your nose in the long term. It is important that you understand whether or not you will need any revisions, what you can and can’t do after the surgery, whether or not you can work, and what your limitations will be. This information will of course be detailed for you but everyone is different and that is why it is important that you ask as many questions as you can think of, in order to get a full understanding of what is going to happen.

The Surgeon

Although Dean had a great reputation I still wanted to know more about him and this is why I asked him so many questions when I first met him. I felt like if this guy is going to open me up, cut pieces of me out and rearrange my face, then at the very least I wanted to know a bit of background information about him, to ensure that I felt comfortable.

Whatever burning questions you have, mu advice would be to go ahead and ask them.