People relocate for many reasons such as getting a new job, better educational opportunities, a change of scenery, or marriage. Relocating to a brand new country is very exciting.  Planning the move abroad is more complicated than moving cross country. Are you gearing up for an international move and trying to figure out how to do it?  Well, scroll ahead to read more on what can be done with proper planning and the best way to move your items overseas.

The most common and affordable way to move your belongings to a new country is by using sea freight.  When you select this option, the moving companies will make arrangements to send a container to your home.  All your household belongings will be packed and loaded into either a 20ft or a 4oft container which will be sealed.  Then it will be picked up by a trucker and send to the port.  Door to door and door to port service are often being used by international moving companies where the forwarding agent will manage the move and ensure that the container goes into the correct carrier.  The agent will also ensure that all the customs clearance documents will be completed and submitted on time.

When you choose to ship your belongings by sea, there are 2 options available.  These  2 options are Less than container load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL).  The best options for you will vary according to:

  • How much do you want to spend on shipping?
  • The size of your shipment 
  • How fast do you need your items to arrive in your new home?

If you are only shipping a small number of items then opting for an LCL is more cost effective as you are only taking up a portion of the container.   Depending on your volume of your belongings and if you require a full container, you would have to choose FCL.

What are the differences between an FCL or LCL transport?

  • FCL option means that you will have the entire container to yourself.  This way is more secured because your cargo is not in contact with other shippers and there is less risk of damage. With LCL shipment, your cargo will be sharing the container with others.
  • For urgent shipment, Shipping FCL is the better option.  This is because LCL shipments tend to encounter more delays due to the unloading and loading every time the ship arrives at a trans-shipment port.

Another method of moving your belongings abroad is via air freight.  This is less common way because it is more expensive than shipping the items via sea freight.  However, air freight is significantly faster than sea freight which makes it more convenient if you are in a serious hurry.

Compare shipping quotes

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