Online Tutor

During the global pandemic there has been a lot of limitations to our everyday life.  Even though the internet is such a stable in our life, over the past few months it has been more important than ever.  We have been using the internet for grocery shopping, meetings and catch ups with family members.  Like restaurants and shops, there has been a halt on academic schedules that can stop academic growth.  We can also use the internet for online tutoring to keep your academic growth on track.  Below I have included some tips on how to find a tutor online.


Like anything there are many websites that can help point you in the right direction for the tutor you are looking for.  Many sites incorporate a built in search bar where you can directly search for the subject you are looking for, from there this will link you up with the tutors that specialize in that particular subject.   If there is no particular subject you are looking for there also tends to be a lot of sub categories that can help put you in the right direction, they include price ranges and user recommendations.  All of these websites are as accessible as any other so using an internet search engine will provide you with pages and pages worth of tutoring websites.

Finding the Right Tutor

There will be a lot of tutors that offer the same level of learning for you but all of their approaches will be different.  It is extremely important that you find the tutor that best suits your needs, everyone learns in different ways so certain tutors will cater to your academic needs better than others.  A good way to find a tutor that fits you is by reading over their reviews, previous students of the tutor tend to leave reviews explaining how they helped them.  There are a lot of opportunities online for free trials with a tutor, this is a great way of establishing your compatibility by simply trying them out.  This will prevent you from financially locking yourself into a tutoring service that you are not connecting with.  It is also important to make sure your tutor fits around your schedule, view their lesson timetables or contact them to see if your availability matches with their tutoring schedules. 

Contacting Schools

Regardless of where you are academically, regardless of ability or age you can always ask for advice from the education sector.  This can be schools, universities, colleges it all depends on your circumstances but give them an email ask for advice or recommendations for online tutoring.  The education sector will always be able to point you in the right direction and may also have some online tutoring available themselves.

Find Motivation

Once you have found your online tutor it is all down to you, it is easy enough to find a tutor online but you need to make sure you find motivation for the work.  You will find amazing tutors but if you don’t put in the hard work it will not benefit you.