Most of us have heard of the bulldozer. It countries up images of heavy construction equipment that crushes anything in its path. If you have to lease a bulldozer however, it is important that you know a little bit more about what this piece of equipment is come out what it is for, and what it does.

Getting to Know Your Equipment Before You Lease a Bulldozer

A bulldozer is a powerful piece of construction equipment  fitted with a blade. This is interesting, since many people believe the vast majority of heavy engineering vehicles are bulldozers. In reality however, only tractors that are fitted with a dozer blade or true bulldozers.

In the past, tractors were vital pieces of equipment for ploughing fields. The very first bulldozer, unsurprisingly, was simply an adaptation of tractor, making it more efficient. Not just that, they were employed during WWI as armored tanks, as they were able to drive on soft ground. The front of a bulldozer is fitted with a thick metal plate on its front, with which it is able to move earth, dig canals, and raise dams. The tractor heads forward, thereby forcing the blades to lift layers of soil. This is why these machines have also been used in cutting tree stumps, moving large boulders, and even moving coal in mines. Each time, a different blade is used.

On the original model, was not fitted with a cabin. Rather, the driver would simply sit on the top. However, in the 1930s, powered down bulldozers were created and contractors started to prefer it as a form of excavation equipment. They also required cabins for the safety and comfort of their workers.

Different engineering firms quickly started to see the benefits of the bulldozer. Hence, they also started to manufacture larger models, suitable for large-scale artwork period those bulldozers were powerful, large, and noisy, not unlike an actual bull. This is why these pieces of equipment retain the name, even though they’re technically aren’t bulldozers.

Today, bulldozers are fitted with very powerful engines, highly reliable drive tracks, raised cabins, hydraulic arms, precise blades, and more. In fact, some are even fitted with ripper claws, which are perfect for pavement bread-up and the loosening of rocky soil. Bulldozers are found all over the world, being used in anything from civil construction to clearing mines in war zones.

Manufacturers continue to create different types of bulldozers, expressing their differences mainly in the power that the machine has. On average, a bulldozer weighs around 70 tons and is able to tow a tank. It should also be able to clear things such as burnt vehicles and shrubbery. In fact, they can now even scoop earth using a hydraulic arm, loading this into trucks. If you hope to lease a bulldozer, therefore, you will now have a greater understanding of how much this vehicle can do, while also knowing a little bit about its history.