The iPhone X is yet another amazing phone released by Apple. The specs and features are amazing, and you can stay entertained on your phone for hours. Or can you?

The average iPhone X battery life is 9 hours and 40 minutes, but many iPhone users do not get even half of this. It is also possible to make your iPhone X last longer than 10 hours while you are out and do not have your charger in hand.

How can you reduce your iPhone X from draining like crazy? Is it possible to extend the battery life? Keep reading to learn a few tips that can give your iPhone extra juice.

1. Reduce Brightness

You can increase the battery life of iPhone X by reducing the brightness or enabling auto-brightness. Reducing light lower lowers how much energy your device consumes. Using dark mode is also a good idea to preserve battery life.

2. Restart Your Phone Often

Your iPhone will perform the best when you allow it to “recharge” itself when you restart it. Remember that all phones are essentially mini PCs. Restarting your iPhone X often allows your system to fix any bugs and performance issues that may occur with prolonged use.

For example, restarting will also correct a frozen screen. If you notice your screen remains dark and say, “my iPhone wont turn on,” restarting can also fix this.

Even if you do not shut your phone off, restarting it makes a big difference in battery performance. It’s best to restart your phone at least every few days, but every day is more optimal.

3.Turn off Location or Decrease Use

You significantly waste your battery when you leave location services on. It is fine to keep open when you need it, such as when you are using Maps, leaving it on in the background will consume a lot of power. Location services may also be needed when using Bluetooth and other apps you may not even think needs it.

When you are not using an app that requires your location, close out of it. You should also turn the setting off with apps you feel do not need to use your location. Go to “Settings,” “Privacy,” then “Location Services.” You will see a list of all the apps you have on your iPhone.

Select Never for apps you do not want using your location as all. Select While Using the App to have the function on only when you are actively using it.

4. Turn off Background App Refresh

Background app refresh allows your apps to update themselves in the background to fetch new information. While it does have its use, it can be a reason your iPhone X battery drains fast. Background App Refresh is on by default. It is best to manually turn off the setting for all or most of your apps.

You can do this by going in the settings area and hitting “General.” You will see Background App Research and see every app you have on your phone with that has it “on.”

5. Use Battery Suggestions

If you want to find ways to save battery, you are unsure how your iPhone X can tell you. The smartphone can track and identify your usage patterns and provide you with suggestions on how to make the most out of your battery.

You can find battery life suggestions going into the setting options and clicking “Battery.” You will see the option there. There are several options you can back to reduce drainage.

6. Keep Your iPhone in Low Power Mode

Keeping your iPhone in low power mode is an easy way you can stretch the life of your latter. When you use this mode, you are reducing your iPhone’s processing power, especially with background performances.

Keeping your phone in low power mode will disable certain features like “Hey Siri,” automatic downloads, email fetch, iCloud Photo Library, and certain visual effects. Go to your setting and open “battery” to put the option on.

7. Reduce App Usage and Force Quit

The main thing that eats your iPhone X battery is the number of apps you use and open. Popular apps such as Instagram, Google Maps, and Whatsapp may be primary offenders in your battery life draining fast.

The more apps you install and keep in the background, the more battery power your phone will use. The apps you open and forget about are often the secret killers. If you have any apps on your iPhone X, you do not use, uninstall them.

It is best to use apps only when you need them. Whenever you are not using them, you should close out of the app or force quit. Do you have a few apps open that you can scroll through? It is a problem you want to eliminate.

8. Disable Certain Notifications

Turning off notifications will also help increase the life of your battery. Apple Push Notifications alert you on updates from contacts, apps, emails, or notes. Push notifications use up more energy than Fetch. If you still want to keep notifications but still want to save power, turn off Push and leave Fetch on.

Extend Your iPhone X Battery Life Following These Tips

The latest gadget may not seem so cool if it keeps dying on you and has poor battery life. Most of us need our phones all day to update ourselves with friends, family, workers, and yes, be entertained.

The iPhone X battery life is about 10 hours, and you can extend this life to last you all day when you are out by using any of the tips this guide mentions. You can also get the most out of your battery with these tips if you find your iPhone X drains quicker than normal.

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