Just a few short years ago, identity thieves were able to steal more than $15 billion dollars from millions of people. Because of this, many people have been looking into the help of identity theft protection to keep themselves and their finances safe from unexpected attacks. These types of tools can help offer monitoring and ways to get reimbursement if you are a victim of theft.

There are countless identity theft programs available in the market today. However, some prove to be a better choice than others. There are even some protection services that will offer a way for you to be alerted when someone applies for a title loan in Fort Lauderdale in your name. Below are some of the top services for customers to consider when looking for an identity theft protection service this year.


When most people think of identity theft protection, LifeLock is one of the most known companies. The cost of their services range from around $10-$30 each month.

With their services, you can get up to one million in lost wallet assistance, free credit report monitoring and SSN monitoring. For customers that pay for premium services, they can also get monitoring for their bank accounts and credit cards as well.

Identity Guard

Another big name in the identity theft product field is Identity Guard. They might not be as great as LifeLock, but they have tons of great features to consider. They offer credit monitoring and also dark web monitoring. Like with other companies, you will get up to one million in loss protection help.

Along with the basic protection offered, you will also get access to multiple apps which can work for you to help protect your identity such as a safe browsing extension, an anti-phishing app and others. You will also get quarterly credit reports at no additional cost.


Many people recognize Equifax as one of the top credit reporting agencies. However, they offer more than that. They also offer consumers one of two options in identity theft protection products as well. Their services offer a wide range of different monitoring services. You can also get identity theft insurance and free access to your credit report.

Another great benefit of using Equifax is that you can get in touch with a customer service representative any time of day, even in the middle of the night. If you lose your wallet, you can call them and they will instantly cancel or put on hold all of your credit cards until you find them or get issued new ones.

IdentityForce Review

Aside from credit reports, you can get a lot of help with monitoring potential threats using IdentityForce. Their services can also offer alerts for more than basic identity theft such as payday loan alerts, sex offender registry alerts, court record searches and more. You can also receive an instant alert any time your credit report is requested, even if it is from a mortgage lender or an auto dealer.

The company can also monitor different online marketplaces for the selling or trading of your personal information. One of the more interesting offers that you can get access to using the services of IdentityForce is the DeleteNow service. This will allow you to get notified if your personal information gets used online and will let you delete anything which is in violation of your policy or happens to be inaccurate.