Avoid these things in the USA

When you plan a trip to USA, you need to remember that even though the natural parks are breathtaking, it is mainly an urbanized country with very few scenic landscapes. As compared to Europe, it only makes sense that you do not go backpacking in Europe as it is very expensive and you definitely need to rely on a trip planner to have the perfect trip. Here are some things you definitely should not do when visiting USA:

Just go backpacking

Unlike Europe of South East Asia, USA is not a place where you can just solo travel and have no planning. It is an expensive country and the visa authorities are not as generous. It is highly advisable that you have somebody there who has the time to take you across the cities you want to visit.

Refuse to tip!

Agreed, you want to have a budget trip, but not tipping is not an option you can choose. The culture heavily demands tipping everywhere and most of the money by waitresses as well as helpers is made through the same. Always keep some money out for tipping!

Venture out by yourself

A lot of cities in USA are completely unsafe. While you might visit places in the day and travel through public transport before the sunset hours,  always have somebody experienced with you to take you across for the night. You just cannot venture out and be at the risk of getting mugged.

Carry a lot of money with you

It is always advisable to travel light. Since it an expensive country, there are  a lot of people who are always looking for an opportunity to mug unsuspecting people. Carrying a lot of valuables can be threatening to your life, so avoid doing that.

Go randomly exploring places

Every city has a lot of information available online. You definitely need to plan a trip to USA perfectly, otherwise it results into a big mess. Do thorough research on the areas you want to visit, otherwise you might end up wasting a lot of your time as well as your money. You also need to calculate the safety quotient, in order to not get into any trouble.

Not having enough budget for food.

There is food available for every budget, but since the dollar is much higher as compared to a lot of other currencies, you still might end up spending a bomb on all of your food. It is always good to keep a safe budget aside just for your food, because all the exploring is sure to make you hungry and food is definitely not something you can compromise on.

Not booking in advance

Not having a reliable trip planner is one of the biggest mistakes you can make while visiting USA. Always remember to plan well, otherwise you are sure to miss out on the best and might even end up overspending.