The limousines Santa Clarita has to offer are absolutely incredible and walking the streets is bound to end up in you catching glimpse of some beastly Hummer or stretch limo which just screams glitz and glamor. Now you may believe that limos and just for prom Queens, birthday boys and fancy transport to a business event, but there is much more that you can do with a limo. Check out some of these ideas that you can use a limo for, just like they do in Santa Clarita.

Get Married

We have seen limos used for engagement parties or even proposals, but you may not have known that you can actually get married in a limo too. That’s right, load up the fancy limo with your best friends and family, bring the vicar in as well and join each other in holy matrimony as you cruise the strip in a flash limo. The beauty of doing this is that the party starts right away, and the champagne will flow as soon as you’ve said ‘I do’.

Get a Tattoo

Take the sting out of getting a tat by having it done inside a beautiful limousine, yep, you’ve heard right, you can now get tattoos in the comfort and in the celeb-style surroundings of a limousine. If getting inked isn’t quote daring enough for you then this is the perfect way to up the ante somewhat.

Nails Done

If the limo experience isn’t enough to make you feel pampered and well catered for, having your nails done is the perfect addition which will make you feel great. There are many limo companies which are now offering this service and even if they are not, you can invite your favorite nail specialist along for the ride, where they can give you the perfect manicure whilst you ride in style.

Go Swimming

Your eyes are not deceiving you here, there are actually some limos which have a very small swimming pool inside, allowing you the incredible experience of taking a dip as you ride your way through the city. The world’s largest limo is 30 meters long and it has 26 tires which help to support the size of the vehicle and that swimming pool above, not to mention the jacuzzi and sun deck which is also inside, pretty incredible.

Surprise Your Friends

Because limo costs have come down so much they are more accessible than ever and that is the perfect reason why you should give your friends a surprise when you agree to go out with them. Just imagine if you’ve agreed to go shopping with the boys, and you roll up to their place in a huge stretch limo, the perfect start to a day of fun and a real suppose for your friends who will absolutely love it.

As you can see, there is so much more that you can do in a limo than you may have realized