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Dry skin can be irritating. It can cause rashes, breakouts, and general discomfort. This can lead to what appears to be dermatitis or even scabs forming.

But don’t fret, as we can answer the question, “why is my skin so dry?” and set you on your path to fixing the issue.

1. Moisturizing Incorrectly

When it comes to moisturization, there is a fine line between not moisturizing enough and moisturizing too much. Using the wrong moisturizer can also lead to dry skin on the face.

Too much moisturizing leads to an increase in oily skin. This can also lead to the lotion not absorbing into the skin and drying on the face, which leads to an increase in dry and itchy skin.

Be sure to find a moisturizer that absorbs within a minute or so after application. This moisturizer should also not leave any type of residue, whether it be oily or sticky.

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2. Washing Your Face Incorrectly

Washing your face too much or too little can lead to you asking the question, why is my skin so dry and itchy? Often, people use too harsh of a facial wash, leading to a drying out of the skin after washing. This becomes a negative feedback loop, as you then try to wash your face to alleviate the dry skin.

Look for a simple face wash, even if it is just soap and water. Getting a combination of lotion and cleansing is often the best remedy. That is because you are able to moisturize at the moment your pores are the most exposed.

3. Too Much Dead Skin

Dead skin build-up happens when you wash you fail to wash those specific parts of your face. The most common places to miss are underneath the nose, right underneath the bottom lip, and your temples.

For your temples, this occurs during shower time, but often gets the least amount of shampoo. Often, people will start with the shampoo at the top of the head and work their way down. This usually leaves the temple area untouched or under moisturized.

Be sure to target the lip area specifically, just don’t get the cleanser in your mouth. This area gets neglected because of the discomfort or worry of getting the cleanser in the mouth.

4. Dehydration

Drinking water doesn’t necessarily mean you are being hydrated. People tend to go for purified or distilled water because they are technically cleaner.

These options are not the best, as they lack the minerals needed for hydration. Opt for spring water or even an electrolyte formula for optimal hydration.

Why Is My Skin So Dry? The Answer Could Be Simple

The answer to, why is my skin so dry, can be found in your daily routines. Whether it be from a poor choice of cleanser to a choice in water that isn’t getting the job done. Try to remedy each one to see what the culprit is.

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