Vasectomy Advice

When it comes to a vasectomy no scalpel method is the industry standard for all procedures that are carried out. For a number of years a scalpel was used to cut the vas deferens and render the patent infertile, but this was prone to a few issues and it quickly became clear that there was a need for a different type of treatment. Unfortunately however the medical world had to wait on some new technology coming along, and it wasn’t until the mergence and widespread use of laser technology that the no scalpel method was created. 

This is now the only way in which this procedure is carried out, and here is exactly why. 

Risk of Infection 

There is a risk of infection with any surgery that is carried out, but even more so when it comes to cutting through human tissue and opening up a part of the skin or the body. This was one of the main reasons why doctors were so keen on finding a way to carry out this procedure without having to make an incision. This is not to say that there was a huge amount of infections before the no scalpel method was designed, but rather that the risk was higher and it always makes sense to lower risk. 

Speed of Surgery and Lower Cost 

The cost which is associated with vasectomies is largely down to the amount of time which is needed in the OR, and the amount of time which nurses and doctors are required. Given that the time of a no scalpel vasectomy is so much quicker than the older method, this means that a doctor can perform more each day and it also means that patients don’t have to pay as much money.

Pain Free

The general comment which comes from patients who have undergone this surgery is that it is uncomfortable, rather than that it is painful. This also makes sense given the fact that there is no need to make any incisions. Patients are given local anesthetic in most cases and that helps to number the area. The fact that there is less pain than before has in fact made this procedure more attractive to those who previously didn’t want to have it done for this reason. 

Quick Recovery 

There is no doubt that one of the main reasons why this procedure took off the way that it has is because of just how quickly patients would be back on their feet following it. The reality is that whilst patients do have to be careful, after just a couple of days they are able to be back on their feet and ready top go back to work or to their normal daily routine. There may be some patients who are unable to carry out heavy lifting up to a week after their surgery, but in the main patients can get back to it in no time at all. 

This is why the no scalpel method has quickly become the industry standard.