lift weights

Testosterone is a key player in your life. It’s a regulator of energy, can control your mood, and plays a pivotal role in managing your overall wellness. From your physique, right through to libido, healthy testosterone is in the driver’s seat. 

Without it, you run the risk of suffering from more than a little weakness and low libido. Lack of energy, moodiness, depression, body fat, and reduced muscle mass are all signs of tanked T. For men who encounter it, lower testosterone can really hold back their wellbeing.

By instilling the following four habits into your routine, you’ll be setting an environment for free-flowing, healthy hormone balance. You might be surprised by how simple they are, but don’t let that fool you, they’re scientifically effective. It seems that a little really does go a long way in protecting testosterone production.

Sleep more

Okay, so we all know we should sleep more, you didn’t need us to tell you that. But recent research suggests that falling behind on your shuteye does more than leave you lagging in tomorrow morning’s meetings. It’s a surefire way to sink testosterone levels too. 

One study looked into the effect of sleep deprivation on healthy young men. Alarmingly, the results showed that those who got less than seven hours a night saw a significant dip in T the following day. Not only that, but you may experience lower energy levels, lack of awareness, and your brain power won’t be up to par either. 

The fix? Aim to sleep soundly for between seven to eight hours each night. Staying away from the screen around an hour before is a great way to wind down and relax. It’s also recommended you keep your bedroom cool and free from artificial light. Sleep well, feel well. 

Concentrate on your micronutrients

You know to eat a well-balanced diet and to feast on your five a day. As a modern man, you’re familiar with the importance of nutrition. But, unfortunately, many of us concentrate on foods on a macro level, not micro. 

Micronutrients can hold the key to unlocking your wellness. It’s these tiny vitamins and minerals that often control vital functions inside your body, and used right, can help make you feel like a million dollars. The same goes for supporting your testosterone too.

Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Luteolin, and Boron for example, are all micros connected to healthy T production. Many top-tier testosterone supplements use these inside their formula for their proven benefits. For example, if you check out this Hunter Test review, you’ll see its all-natural capsules are filled with them.

You’ll also find these micros in some of your favorite foods from the grocery aisle if you take a look. Get to know the essential foods for masculine health and add them to your shopping cart. Not only do they boost testosterone, but some play important parts in energy, mood, and other important functions too.

Lift weights

Studies have shown that testosterone levels jump slightly after a workout. More specifically, they seem to react best to resistance training – aka lifting weights. 

Now, the lift of T you get post-workout isn’t exactly seismic. But the benefits aren’t just all about that single spike. Instead, you should also consider what lifting weights does to your body over time. 

First of all, it’s a stress buster. Exercising in the weight room is a great way to use energy, relax, and dampen those test-crushing cortisol levels. As a result, your T should be able to flow more freely. 

Secondly, lifting heavy weights is a great way to build muscle while blasting calories. Hitting the weights room regularly should help you to lower your body fat and develop a leaner, stronger physique. Why should you care? Excessive body fat is linked to low-testosterone levels in men. By working out you are creating an environment for your T to thrive. 

Finally, there’s the confidence boost. Looking good and feeling confident is a surefire way to reduce stress and anxiety, two things that will halt testosterone in its tracks. Living a healthy lifestyle and exercising helps to override the chronic ‘fight or flight’ feeling modern men battle with every day. Try it out and reward your primal mind, body, and spirit. 

Bust stress

And breathe. Busting stress is something we’ve touched upon already but we’re going to go in deeper. Because it doesn’t matter how much of the external stuff you do, it all goes to waste unless you fix the internal. 

Chronic stress is a big issue in today’s fast-moving, ‘need it now’ world. Some men even wear it like a badge of honor, a sign of their hard work and dedication to the grind.

Unfortunately, though, it spells disaster for healthy hormone balance, as cortisol becomes rife in these situations. As we know, too much cortisol hinders testosterone production, among causing many other issues inside the body. Muscle building, staying lean, appetite control, and energy are all at the mercy of stress.

What can you do? Symptoms can be tackled by making mindfulness and meditation part of your day. Some studies have even linked transcendental meditation to increased total T levels. 

However, the only way to beat chronic stress is to remove the causes. That means accepting less projects, taking time to shut off from work, reducing responsibilities/obligations when necessary, and being assertive about how much you can handle. 

Reducing stress should actually make you more productive, a better employee, happier, and a nicer person to be around. Don’t hesitate, your hormones will thank you for it. 

Use these four healthy lifestyle habits to reclaim hormonal balance. They’re easy to implement, and if you stick with them, should help to improve your wellbeing. Healthy testosterone goes beyond assertiveness or muscle mass – it’s a case of feeling, fitter, stronger, and happier in everyday life.