For most average citizens the thought of having to get a lawyer or needing legal assistance is something which never enters our minds. In spite of this there are in fact many occasions where even the most law-abiding citizen will need to lawyer up, just as the guys at Kersh Law Firm will be able to tell you. Each day they see people come into their office who have never made an indiscretion in their life, but all of a sudden they need legal support. If you think that you may never need such a service, have a look at these examples which price that you never know when things will change.


Many people consider the charge of driving under the influence as one which is solely for those who decide to drive after having one too many but the facts show a very different story. Something which we may all have been guilty of from one time to another, and the most common reason for people to be charged with a DUI, is when they are driving the  morning after drinking. Many fail to understand how long it takes for alcohol to leave the system and this is something which can happen to any of us.

Land Dispute

Something which we are seeing more and more of are land disputes between neighbors, usually relating to a house extension or foliage which grows over into someone else’s property. You may think that you have a solid relationship with your neighbor but you never know when they may move and that new neighbor may not be so nice. This is hardly high crime but it is still a reason why you may need to consult a lawyer in order to find out what your rights are.

Employment Issues

Employers have a legal responsibility to their workforce and something which we often see is employees who have a dispute with their employers. This could be as a result of a contract breach, an accident in the workplace, bullying wrongful dismissal or a whole host of issues which arise in the workplace. Again, you may think that you have a good relationship with your employers but it only takes one issue for all of that to change.


Nobody goes into a marriage with an eye on getting divorced but given that divorce rates are at almost 50%, the possibility of a divorce happening in your lifetime is high. When this happens the fall out can be traumatic and it will involve dividing assets, seeking custody and of course filing the petition for divorce, all of which will require legal assistance. Most people who do get divorced have never had any dealings with the law, which is why it can be a tough time for all involved.

Let’s hope that you never have a reason to lawyer up, but as you can see these things can happen and there are times when you’ll need legal assistance.