Finding the best possible legal professional to represent you in legal matters is a pretty daunting task for most people. Unfortunately, in most cases when we need an attorney, there is not much time available to make a highly informed choice. This is why the decision is usually made in the heat of the moment. According to Daniel DeKoter, a highly experienced Osceola County attorney, the process should not be daunting if you know the following tips that help you choose the best attorney in your case.

Personal Research

No matter who recommends the attorney, it is very important that you conduct your own research so you know all you can about the services you are about to receive. Fortunately, the internet can easily help you out with that and there is always the Iowa State Bar Association that can be contacted. Every single attorney registered in the state will have public information available that you can use to be sure you hire the best specialist for your case.


Whenever time permits it, talk with current or past clients about the prospective lawyer in order to determine the type of experience they had. Think about how often the attorney returns calls, whether or not clients recommend him/her, details about whether or not the attorney was considerate and what the outcome of the case was.


You obviously need to learn all that you can about the charged fees. Attorney services cost money and the truth is that charged fees can vary a lot from one professional to the next. Based on legal issue complexity and for how long services are needed, bills can easily pile up. There are various billing options available for attorneys, including:

  • Flat fee
  • Retainer fee paid upfront – future billings are deducted from it
  • Straight hourly fee
  • Contingency fee


Always think about whether or not the attorney has the appropriate expertise based on what law area you need help with. Remember that in some cases an attorney will advertise some specific services but there are not many related worked cases that were handled in the past. At the same time, you are interested in local expertise since laws do vary from state to state. If you need help from an attorney in Iowa, the one you hire needs to have handled as many cases in the state as possible.

Experience With Appeals

Whenever looking for an attorney to help you with legal issues that involve court proceedings, appeals are a possibility. Talk about the possibility of having to go through an appeal and if this possibility is high, ask if the appeal will be handled by the professional. When the attorney does not handle an appeal, ask questions about different costs that the associate will charge. Obviously, you will also want to discuss experience and all the other aspects that were highlighted below. Just be sure that you know all the changes that could happen in the event you have to go through an appeal.