I may not be a betting man but my good friend Louis Hernandez Jr certainly is, and he has made some bold predictions about the final Champions League position in this year’s Premier League. We can all but assume that Man City, Liverpool and Spurs will make up the top 3 as there is currently a 9 point game between 3rd and 4th with just 12 games to go. Stranger things have happened of course, but it seems wildly improbable. And so that leaves us with United, Chelsea and Arsenal to battle it out, there is currently just 1 point between the three and both with just 1 goal between them in terms of goal difference. Surprisingly, myself and Louis both agree on how it will end up, let’s take a look.

Fourth – Manchester United

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been a revelation for the Red Devils and he has taken this ridiculously gifted group of players and encouraged them to play with a smile on their faces. This approach has seen United unbeaten in 10 games in the Premier League and they have managed to catapult themselves into fourth place, where we think that they will stay. Pogba looks like a new man and both Rashford and Lingard also look hungrier than ever. This United side will be difficult to break down and whilst there will be some bumps in the road, United will get this done.

Fifth – Arsenal

Nobody expected a great deal from Arsenal this year given that Unai Emery is trying to revolutionize a club which was under just 1 man for over 20 years. With this being said the Spaniard has made a steady start to his time in England and we believe that they will only just fall short of that fourth spot. They have world class goalscorers in Lacazette and Aubameyang but their defense just isn’t up to the standard. Koscielny looks to have lost it, Cech is too old and Mustafi is far from the standard which this Arsenal team requires.


If you had asked me 2 months ago who would have finished 4th I would probably have said Tottenham, with Chelsea finishing in 3rd spot, how things have changed. Chelsea, as they usually do, have managed to go from a team who were unbeaten in 20, to a side who have well and truly thrown their toys out of the pram. Wins in the Europa League and even if they lift the Caribao Cup on Sunday, will not be good enough for the London outfit and they have well and truly let the Champions League place slip away. The cracks are showing and historically when that happens we see players like Willian, Hazard and Alonso down tools and coast, waiting for a move elsewhere in some cases. Chelsea will continue to capitulate, probably win a trophy and miss out once again on a seat at Europe’s top table.