One of the main reasons why Ryan Grigson took the position of personnel executive for the Cleveland Browns was because of its fantastic fan base. Everybody knows that the Browns have not done tremendously well over the past few decades. However, fans have been unperturbed by this and have simply continued to support their team through thick and thin. Few other teams can make such claims.

The Cleveland Browns Fan Base According to Ryan Grigson

In 2006, BizJournal conducted a study and this demonstrated Stott Cleveland Browns fans are the NFL’s most loyal fans overall. Naturally, this wasn’t a scientific study, but it was no less important. It showed that the fans retained and loyalty through both winning seasons and losing seasons, that they had the highest game attendance, and that they overcame the most challenges. This included things such as the Browns’ long term for performance and various periods of inclement weather. During the past 7 seasons, 99.8% of seats at the stadium in which the Cleveland Browns play were occupied comma which no other stadium can repeat.

The true hardcore Cleveland Browns fans are found in the Dawg Pound. Originally, this was the name of the open ends bleacher section on the east of the Municipal Stadium. Now that was a Browns I have moved to the FirstEnergy Stadium, the incarnation continues to be at least. Additionally, the fans here continue to always wear orange and brown and have various dog related fan paraphernalia on them. The name came in 1984 when the term was used as a description of the defensive actions of the team.

Hanford Dixon, who played for the Cleveland Browns between 1981 and 1989, which was his entire career, is said to have started calling the defensive line of The Browns the Dawgs. Additionally, Dixon, together with Eddie Johnson and Frank Minnifield, would bark at both each other and those in the Dawg Pound to fire them up. Several years later, the fans adopted this nickname and this is also why the ultimate Logo for the Cleveland Browns is the Bulldog.

Additionally comma the team has the Browns Backers Worldwide fan organisation, which has 305,000 members. Every major city in this country also has clubs of The Browns Backers and they can even be found in global military bases.the largest club is in Phoenix, Arizona, but there are also found in Antarctica, Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia, and Egypt. The West Bank’s Alon Shvut and Canada’s Niagara international fanclubs are the largest, having 129 and 310 members respectively.

When Randy Lerner, a previous owner of the Cleveland Browns, acquired Aston Villa, the English football club, NFL football’s and Cleveland Brown jerseys were offered for sale at villa outlets. This is credited with the rise in interest of NFL games across the United Kingdom. Indeed, there is now even an Aston Villa Browns Backers of Birmingham club. Clearly, all global fans show true sportsmanship in their love of their club.