When it comes to finding a plastic surgeon Chicago has really got a great deal to offer and there are so many surgeons here, top quality surgeons, to choose between. Whilst this is of course a great thing for the people of Chicago and for anyone who is coming here to have some plastic surgery done, it does present an additional problem which is how do you decide when there are so many great plastic surgeons?

The fact it is that this is very much a personal choice which will come down to a large number of factors, let’s take a look at what  those factors are.


Whilst all plastic specialists will have a good understanding of all areas of augmentation and procedures, there are some which will specialize in certain areas and they are well worth finding depending on which procedure you are looking to have done. For example there are some plastic surgeons who are highly specialized in liposuction and they know the best methods and the best materials and tools to use for optimal results. On the other hand you may have a surgeon who is outstanding with a scalpel and whilst they may know how to do lipo, their knowledge is not as abundant as the former example.


 It is always a great idea to check out the testimonials which other people have left following an operation or procedure with the clinic which you are considering. It is good to read a broad cross section of reviews because this will help you to gain an understanding of the professionalism, cleanliness and service which each client received, but you should also look to focus on those who have had the same procedure which you are looking to do. If you read bad reviews then don’t freak out, there is always likely to be one or two cases which didn’t go to plan, and that is more often than not down to the body of the patient rather than the work or advice of the surgeon. Read reviews and you could even get in touch with people who have left them to gain more of an insight into their experience.


The cost of procedures can vary wildly which is why it is essential that you are able to find a reasonable price for what you are looking to have done. Never go with the cheapest as this is indicative of someone with a bad reputation or someone who is brand new, the most expensive is likely to be because of where they are based or how many high profile people they have operated on, which is why it is the best idea to look for prices which are somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

It is always going to be important that you sit down and have a conversation with whichever surgeon you are thinking about using, have a good chat about what you are looking to achieve and see how comfortable you feel with them.