If you operate a business today, odds are you are nervous about the marketplace in which you operate. Everyday new companies are emerging threatening to disrupt the status quo. So for many companies who are successful or trying to be and have dedicated money and other resources into building their businesses, this worry is legitimate.

Companies today must do all they can to keep up with trends and to get ahead of the competition, when their competition is currently or plans to enter they’re marketplace. The smart way to do that is to focus on a few core strategies that allow you to create a effective and efficient business Enterprise. Here are some ideas for where your company can focus.

Creating a Mobile Workforce

Smart businessmen like Richard Blech know that business is so fast moving today that companies need to constantly be in the field in order to understand changes and adapt to them as they occur. This requires getting the majority of your workforce out of your office, into the actual marketplace and next to your clients and Prospects.

This is not only refer to your sales team, you also need to get marketing, production, and other operations professionals to physically interact with the marketplace in order to understand the nature of the industry in which you participate.

In order to do this successfully and to have it increase efficiency and Effectiveness, companies need to adopt technology tools that get distributed throughout the business. At the core of this strategy on mobile devices and software that allow for employees to be on the go and yet be fully connected and operational.

The use of mobile Hardware including tablet computers and high end smartphones gives employees devices that are lightweight and able to connect to the mobile internet no matter where they are. There’s also mobile software and all the most critical areas that companies will need to be effective.

Some of the most important ones allow for group communication, online security, mobile payment platforms, and sales tracking. Utilizing these tools and others correctly can vastly increase sales and a company’s bottom line.

Online Marketing

Marketing and advertising are typically at the core of a company’s success. Traditional advertising required long-lead times, large outlays a capital, and working with companies that were standoffish and condescending. Today however online marketers are at the center of connecting companies with their customers and prospects. This change allows for cost effective marketing and advertising and for companies to have a better understanding of their clients, prospects and how to position their products and services with these groups.

Online marketing will mostly focus on social media marketing which creates campaigns on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This strategy gives companies access to billions of consumers who may have an interest in their goods. Other key online marketing tools include email marketing, and website marketing. Both provide powerful supplemental opportunities to sell more products and services. In the end, online marketing needs to be part of your core marketing and advertising strategy.