The fact that you are busy most days should not be an excuse for you not staying fit. You can still do a cardio blast workout lasting for only ten minutes to maintain your fitness. The truth is, sometimes it becomes hard to find time for exercising in between a busy schedule. A quick cardio workout can be quite effective compared to no workout at all.

You might wonder whether you can reap anything from a ten-minute workout. Yes, this is worth a try. Cardio blast workouts involves doing high intensity interval training. This means that you execute several movements while pushing yourself within a very short time.

Exercise is crucial to your body. It enhances blood flow throughout the body and can propel your energy levels to greater heights. With a busy day, you can spare ten minutes for exercising and you will not regret any moment of it. Below is a simple cardio blast workout routine that you can follow.

The ultimate cardio blast workout

Before you begin exercising, it is important to stretch your body to get it ready for the workouts. Make sure that you execute each of the movements in the order that they appear below and rest for one minute after completing a circuit, then repeat the circuit once again.

For a beginner, you will execute each movement for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds before moving to another one. Once you get better with time, do the exercises for 40 seconds with 20 seconds of rest at the end of each exercise. For an expert, you can exercise for 50 seconds and rest for ten seconds.

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The workouts

1. Squat thrust

Begin by standing and keeping your feet apart at a shoulder width while engaging your core. Put your hands on the floor and then step back your feet creating a high plank position. All this time, your core should be still engaged and wrists positioned exactly under the shoulders. Jump your feet forward to be in a low squat position and then stand up directly after. Repeat the procedure.

2. Plank hip dip

Begin by putting your forearm in a plank position, keeping your legs straight and your elbows just beneath your shoulders. Slowly move your left hip to the left until it nearly touches the floor. Now do the same with your right hip. Ensure that your core is engaged while executing the movements.

3. Lateral lunges

Start by standing with your feet kept apart at a shoulder width and engaging your core at the same time. Take a huge step to your right with the right foot and then bend your right knee, creating a lateral lunge while ensuring that the left leg is kept straight.

Straighten your right foot to return back to the starting position and then raise it to knee height, keeping it in that position for a few seconds for a breath. Now repeat the procedure with the left leg.

4. Forearm plank reach out

Begin by putting your forearm in a plank position, keeping your legs straight and your elbows just beneath your shoulders. While keeping your hips fixed in position, raise the right hand and extend it to touch the floor just in front of you. Go back to the original position and do it again with the left hand. Repeat the procedure while alternating hands. You can make the movement much easier by keeping your feet apart.