When you usher a group of guests into your dining room for a round of cocktails or a multi-course meal, you want them to be dazzled when they get past the doorway. If you want this specific spot in the house to be gorgeous and luxurious, here are three suggestions that will make this happen in a hurry.

Open up Space with Windows

A set of enormous windows will add just as much elegance as a unique fixture while making the room look spacious and bringing in natural light. You should turn to the finest window and door manufacturers in Kitchener to replace your windows this fall with extraordinary upgrades — this is an easy way to make an area of your house feel grand without having to knock down walls or hire contractors for an expansion.

Fixed picture windows can transform a cluttered and claustrophobic area into one that is incredibly modern and sleek. For those who look to the past for their design motivation, a set of bay or bow windows are classically beautiful options.

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Give the Walls a Rich Coat

Pick out the right hue to give the impression of refinement because a shade that is too perky or garish will make your interior design look chaotic or mismatched. If you are unsure about your choice, turn to colour theory to determine the options for your home makeover — like violet is strongly believed to be the color of royalty and confidence, so that would be a good way to create instant elegance.

The theory also recommends paints in warm tones because they are welcoming and often used for rooms where social gathering is a top priority. To bring a lot more warmth and richness to your dining room walls, use autumn paint colours like deep eggplant or red earth — these will fit in with your seasonal décor and work with any adjustments you make throughout the year.

Dress Your Table to Impress Company

One of the best dining room décor ideas that you should follow is creating a picture-perfect tablescape — you want it to look ready for a big group of guests to enjoy a three-course meal, even if you have no plans for people to come over. Pull out your nicest dishware, cutlery and cloth napkins to set out in front of each individual seat. Neatly tuck the knives, forks and spoons into napkins that have unexpected textures and patterns to create more interest.

Set-up the room like friends or relatives could pop over to the house at the drop of a hat. This way, you won’t be anxious to offer them a tour or a seat for dinner when they visit — you’ll actually be excited to be a generous host and show off.