I have known Girish Navani since we were kids and he has always had a certain high energy way about him. After college it was no surprise that he went on to work in tech as this was always his passion, and for the last couple of years I have been helping him with some software for a medical project which he has on. I have never seen anyone as motivated, driven and energetic as Girish Navani and I have wondered a times how on Earth he manages to stay like this. I once spoke to him about it actually and when he shared the truth with me, it all became very clear.


When Girish Navani was younger his dad risked all of his life savings for his business, he planned to create a family business and he trusted a lot of people as he was trying to get it off the ground. Unfortunately his dad didn’t have as much business sense as was required and after just a year his dream was over. His dad recovered over time and still managed to make some good money, but this left quite a mark on young Girish Navani. And so much of the reason why he is so motivated is that he is petrified that the same fate may befall him as happened to his father.


Much of the reason for his high energy and constant buzzing is that Girish Navani just wats to success so bad and that he is willing to fight with whatever it takes to get it. He hates the idea that he may regret not trying hard enough and so he always has this in his mind, the thought of sitting a retirement home, looking back and regretting the fact that he didn’t go for it with both barrels.

Only Here Once

Girish Navani actually has a tattoo that reads Carpe Diem, Latin for ‘seize the day’. He got the tat when he was just 18 years old and he says that it is a mantra which he has lived by ever since. Girish is conscious of the fact that we get just one shot at life and he wants to make sure that he takes it with both hands. This is where the high energy approach comes from and this is why he is always so dedicated and so motivated each and every day, because he knows that it could be his last.


Girish Navani now has children of his own and he is determined to make a success of things for their sake. He doesn’t want his kids to want for anything and he would like to provide them with a perfect foundation from which they can launch their careers when the time comes.

The truth of the matter is that Girish will use anything as a reason to motivate himself and in a way this is a form of self-motivation, rather than these other factors having an impact, a truly inspirational character.